local shops in the fullerton area: 1. king’s flowers 2. mums the word 3. flower allie 4. lavenders...

Download Local Shops in the Fullerton area: 1. King’s Flowers 2. Mums the Word 3. Flower Allie 4. Lavenders Flowers and Gifts 5. Visser’s Florist

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  • Local Shops in the Fullerton area:Kings FlowersMums the WordFlower AllieLavenders Flowers and GiftsVissers Florist

  • AssignmentCompile a list of 10 Flower shops in the area. (Hint: phone book or Google)Design an original name of a flower shop (as if you were going to open a new one in the area). Due Tomorrow when you arrive to class.

  • B. Types of Flower Shops Full-Service ShopMass Market ShopCarriage Trade ShopStem ShopStudio OperationFranchise ShopSpecialty ShopWholesale Florist

  • B. Types of Flower Shops (cont.)Full Service Shop- a traditional type of retail flower shop offering a wide variety of services and products. Examples: delivery, special occasions (funerals, weddings and proms), everyday arrangements (holiday, birthday and anniversary), and home decorations

  • B. Types of Flower Shops (cont.)Mass-Market shop is located in general merchandise chain store or grocery store. These shops are cash and carry operations and do not offer delivery service.

  • Mass Market- Located in Ralphs

  • B. Types of Flower Shops (cont.)Carriage Trade shop- a flower shop, which caters to an elite clientele such as wealthy private party and corporate accounts

  • B. Types of Flower Shops (cont.)Stem Shop are cash and carry operations and offer a wide variety of flowers by the single stem or bunchOften in high traffic areas and open to a walkway

  • B. Types of Flower Shops (cont.)Studio Operation is a shop which concentrates on specialty and party work for an exclusive client base. It may operate out of a warehouse without a storefront since most sales are made on location

  • B. Types of Flower Shops (cont.)Franchise- a shop which is purchased from a parent company and operated according to the companys rules and regulations.Example: Conroys Flowers

  • B. Types of Flower Shops (cont.)Specialty Shops target a particular need in the market by specializing in one segment of the industryExample: a shop specializing in weddings located next to a bridal shop

  • B. Types of Flower Shops (cont.)Wholesale florist- the wholesaler purchases good from around the world and sells to the retail florist rather than to the general public

  • B. Types of Flower Shops (cont.) Local Shops in the Fullerton areaAnas Flowers & GiftsFull ServiceWalmart/ RalphsMass-MarketBlooms TodayFull ServiceFlower ClubFull Service

  • C. Career OpportunitiesDesigner- a person who has the ability to arrange flowers and plant material in an artistic manner and has an understanding of the principles of design.

  • D. FFA OpportunitiesFloriculture Career Development Event (CDE)Landscape CDESupervised Agriculture Experience (SAE) project involved with flower shops (such as employment or observation) and bedding plants (such as planting flower beds for homes).


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