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Locating Resources: . Goal: Understanding where to find quality resources on your topic. What is required ?. At least one book At least one database At least one Internet website. Where do I find books on my topic ?. Use Destiny Use your Council Rock Username and Password - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Locating Resources and Works Cited

Locating Resources: Goal: Understanding where to find quality resources on your topic1What is required?At least one bookAt least one databaseAt least one Internet website

2Where do I find books on my topic?Use DestinyUse your Council Rock Username and Passwordhttp://lib.crsd.org/common/welcome.jsp?site=109Book CartsWorld War II (Battles, Nazi Party, Hitler)Holocaust (Ghettos, Camps, People)

3May I borrow books from the carts?Overnight onlyDue before RA the next daySign out anytime; pick up after the last classPenaltiesLose points, fines of $.25 a day, detentions

What is a database?Information collected from many sources: books, encyclopedias, magazines, newspapers, etc.

Quality information, sources edited for accuracy

Information more reliable than many websites.

5Where do I find the right databases?Go to NMS Library Website Click Pathfinders: Holocaust and WWIIGroliers and WorldbookWorld History in ContextBiography in ContextSIRS Knowledge SourceStudent Resources in ContextHistorical Newspapershttp://www.crsd.org/page/10068From home, must go through Citrix

6How do I find reliable Internet Websites?Go to Library Website, Pathfinders, Holocaust / WWII Pathfinderhttp://www.crsd.org/page/10095

Do not use other websites unless you have them approved by myself or your teacher.

7What about Wikipedia?Should not cite for a research paperNot a reliable resourceVisit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Page

8I found good sources. Now what?Keep Track of them!Use purple sheet to record the required information for your Works Cited page.Keep purple sheet in a safe place!



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