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Lord Jeffery Amherst & Amherst College Mike Kelly Head, Archives & Special Collections. Lord Jeffery Amherst 1717-1797. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Lord Jeffery Amherst & Amherst College Mike Kelly Head, Archives & Special Collections

Lord Jeffery Amherst&Amherst College

Mike KellyHead, Archives & Special Collections

Lord Jeffery Amherst1717-1797Gainsborough, ThomasBritish (1727-1788)Lord Jeffery Amherst (1717-1797)ca. 1785Paintingoil on canvasOverall: 30 in x 25 in; 76.2 cm x 63.5 cmAC P.1940.5Gift of Mrs. George D. Pratt2

Successful tour of duty in Germany during the War of the Austrian Succession. Gains fame in North America during French & Indian War aka Seven Years War. Captured Montreal in September 1760 thus ending French control of northeast. Print of his estate in England, named in honor of his capture of the city.3

You will do well to try to Innoculate the Indians by means of Blankets, as well as to try Every other method that can serve to Extirpate this Execrable race. I should be very glad your Scheme for Hunting them Down by Dogs could take Effect.

Lord Amherst to Col. Henry Bouquet, July 1763Appointed Governor General of British North America in 1760. Pontiacs War/Rebellion May 1763. Organized uprising of natives against Amhersts post-war policies. Siege of Fort Pitt is the scene of the smallpox incident. 4

Town of Amherst established in 1759. This is a draft of the 1758 petition to Thomas Pownall, Governor of the Province of Massachusetts to separate Amherst from Hadley and name it after Lord Jeff. Mentions capture of French fort of Louisburgh, an important victory in the French & Indian war.Since it is the custom for the Gnl. Court to establish new Districts in the several provinces, leaving the naming of the District thus errected to the choice and wisdom of yr excellncy together with the Honbl Council, and since informtn has come to the knowledge of a number of Inhabitants of the District about to be errectd which gives them concern as to the name wh yr excellcy may be inducd to affix we humbly pray to be consider 1st yr excellncy cannot be unmindful of the services which Sir Jeffery Amherst K,B has renderd the colony in the attack on the town of Louisburgh, nor of the fact that a main part in that attack was borne by troops en-listed from the county of Hampshire in wh. the new District is to be errected. Nor are we on our part forgetful of the distinguished friendship wh. has ex-isted between yrslf and Sir Jeffery wh. of itself brings his name to our most kindly liking. We do therefore pray that the blank now existing in the act just passed may be filled with the name of Amherst in token of our regard for the worthyknight and of yor own admirable friendship forthe same.5

The college, established in 1821, chartered in 1825, is named after the town.6

No mascot in the 19th century. The war had a huge impact on College life, but merely accelerated a general shift away from literary Romantic idealism toward a notion of masculinity more in tune with what we think of as the modern college culture. Barrett Gymnasium was built in 1859-60, and the war sparked a greater interest in physical fitness at colleges everywhere. In 1883-84 the College built Pratt Gymnasium1884: first Amherst v. Williams Football game.Baseball Hero: Henry Hyde; Class of 1861

Literary activity continued, criticism of the College continued, but the struggles of undergraduates were much more contained. The influence of German university methods, the rise of athletics, the decline of religious revivals, all transformed college life in the last third of the 19th century.

By this time, Dickinson had withdrawn. In her late teens/early 20s, her peers at the College were grappling with issues similar to her own: searching for a voice; kicking against arbitrary authority and the pressure to be saved.


Lord Jeffery Amherst Didier, Charles Peale; Reynolds, Joshua, after American (19th century); British (1723-1792) The portrait, now part of the collections of the Mead Art Museum, was presented to the college by Herbert B. Adams (AC 1872): painted in 1895.8

Hamilton to Mr. Fletcher, November 1934

AC College songs 1906; Sheet music 1907.12

1926 ed.; 1932 ed.13

Hamilton inspired by piece in the Feb 1903 Amherst Literary Monthly (299-300) Foster Stearns (AC 1903) Feb 1903 issue also included a biographical sketch of Lord Amherst that referenced the painting in Johnson Chapel. 15

In 1913 Amherst alumni propose an equestrian statue of Amherst. Commission a model from Bela Lyon Pratt in1913. Never completed.


Named by Ralph Oatley (AC 1922) winner of the This magazine has no title contest17


Magazine runs from 1920 1935 with regular appearances by cartoonish Lord Jeff19

Mutt & Jeff created by Bud Fisher in 1907. Dec 1920 back cover.20

June 1924; Fall 1924


Lord Jeffery Inn opens June 1926.22

The Jeff stood in for the Amherst Student from 1944-1946 because of wartime shortages of manpower and paper. Just a 4-page newspaper on a less frequent schedule.23

Mutt & Jeff style Lord Jeff disappears after magazine, but cartoons persist24

Valentine opens fall 1941 President Cole writes: My wife worked with me and with our professional advisors on questions of furnishings and decoration. I recall the fun we had in selecting a design for our china. We asked Jones, McDuffie & Stratton, of Boston, to prepare a design featuring Lord Jeffery and the French and Indians. We were delighted with the result. Our china made a conversation piece, and we knew that the students would frequently have their dates as guests for lunch and dinner. (CE 260-61)25

October 29, 1941 Student: Much of the other equipment is of special design, such as the china which amusingly depicts Lord Jeffery in pursuit of a group of Indians.

Emily Watson-Blagden May 2005 paper Chasing Indians, Capturing Memories: Iconography of the Amherst College China 26

September 25, 1969 Student reports: Last year some Amherst guests smashed a plate or two, protesting the genocide depicted thereupon. Ought not a plate or two be smashed by Amherst residents protesting the genocide threatened thereupon?

San Francisco Mime Troupe visited Smith to perform on April 14, 1969.

In constant use from 1941 until at least 1973. Replacement pieces were purchased as late as 1970. No evidence of any formal protest. Believed to have been replaced when the dining hall ordered all new china as reported in the Student for February 18, 1974. 27

Halftime Williams v. Amherst 1960s (?)Lord Amherst and genocide was topic of an article in November 1969 Student otherwise no evidence of Red Power/AIM activity at AC in an era when the Student is full of black empowerment, co-education, and Vietnam protest news.Alumni magazine item from Winter 1989.Editorial in the Amherst Student in 2001.January 30th editorial.28

John Whitney '82 (left) with Carol Marquis (non-AC) made a Lord Jeff uniform in 1980. What better way could be found to reflect the Pride I was feeling to others?In time, however, the idea caught on. In fact, the abuse now seems as if it occurred eons ago. Olio 1982.

Left: Olio 1981; Right: Olio 198429

Toby Unger '93, the first woman student to be Amherst's Lord Jeff mascot, cheers the College's football team in its opening game against Bates on September 22, 1990. John Whitney '82 created the mascot's role in 1980.

Moratoria.30The Consecrated Eminenceconsecratedeminence.wordpress.com

Lord Jeffery Amherst and Amherst Collegewww.amherst.edu/library/archives/