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    TerniH!—ii»1.50 a y e a r ; 7A CIH. (o r S ix moK.

    yjsr. Etnsr iD, Alitor and rulilinluT.

    All kindv of Job Printing donu in first- class stylo. Price's as Low iw tin1

    Lowest. New TyjK', New Prrssos.

    L •

    L O W E L L B U S I N E S S C A B D 8 .

    PECK * MrnANNKLU Plirnldaim and Hur feoa t . OOce In lUak Ulork. ROBKIIT MAIINII ALL, Cooper. O u t Wnlrr St. Flour IwrrrU and ull kinda »r Ciulnin Work.

    EA . C l I A F l f AN. rblh ArtM. • Uooma M a t lo r Shoe*. HaU. Cape, 4 c . Hank Bll '« l ' " to have a memorial - - - • iffa^YriP'Ki'.s r i

    heard the dull sound of the. cKel, posits of a really vaittsble m e u l . min- ^ e ^ J n the f u u ! ^ d a o ^ s am- Hey fell upon her oollin. Then be ' ers were brought down from Salt Lake I i u L d ^ l h X ^ ^ ^ tnrned East a aid again, bis duty done.! O l y and the oie .af ter being i ranM«^- u | 1 „„ . J ^ r o ( , | U ^

    The coiners of Kanaas no m-ie. | Uie gen Heme other, and when

    hi'UAi-s.—Il is a good plan lo have I ^^usly, antimony had been supplied pretty scrap-bags in sitting room, din- , Spain, Algeria, jiorliins of the

    ly aud sadly, A gentleman who was | ' he place was sold on mortgage and not strongly disposed to fight a duel brought less than her first payment.

    and she awoke to a realization of the fact that sh

    Densmoie found that he could both room : ana the next day the detective specimens from a Mr, Loomls. with

    11a! all here!" said Price in a low tone, "That 's good, 1 want half a thousand of the queer to-night, for we kin send lo the tavern to-moirow, and Ihe chap above wants some. Did you bring the dies, Bray ?"

    The n au addressed shook his head. "1 haven't been home, an' jest come

    f r tu i Elkhorn. Send Nettie, My old woman will give'em U) her."

    i'rice turned to the girl. Are you afraid to go. Net?"

    ing room aud bed room; they may be ; European Continent,and lately mostly : oinamental, aud are ceitainly ver\ from Horneo and yion. A new de- 1 useful. Since trying this 1 have saved mand has arisen for antimony from

    — I pam-r rags enough lo buy all the Hn- England, where il is said lo be used in Afraid ( she laughed, and touched , w u r t l ,,,.,^1,.,] ii,e bouse, and have

    1 l l l , ' manufacture of shells as well as of her bosom, just drawing the butt of a | occasionally bought a broom also. Ev- Bullets, aud il was rei^rted that the pistol into s i gh t - " a f r a id , Dick? ^ e 1 . i . - i . i- i-r . know better nor that ."

    Wall. then, my gal. if ve go

    the music begins Hie young men walk out into the middle of the floor and beckon lo the young ladies whom they deslie for partners. At the close of the dance the ladies return to their

    natnei of the editors \shu have fallen tinder the VM-apons of persona whom they have slandered, together with the date of each tragedy —AUutilir Munlhli/.

    Exc i t cd Hib Cur ios i ty .

    '1 lead»ood,'said the strauger,pulling

    Side of the room and the gentlemen to i , , ! ! c , ' . 0 , 1 1 , ' I 1 , ' J U . p i ?

    their own," 111,111 U ^ " J * u '.""K l'.1111 "I tlie milk, *1

    1 ery bli of cloth, every postal card and , Biltiah Govenimeul w ishes to aecure i . 1 circular tha i would olherwise have p . W " tons. 1 he supply from Horneo 1 t 1m* faillllL' III S.llltll*'! (1 • blfl UH»

    N o t a Fike.—Gilbjoly lives down not far frout a lie met the milk-

    went there when Uie first rush was | made for the hills, Hather a rough : crowd thelirsl lot, you bet,more whole-

    some now. When 1 got there 1 was dead luoke—dldu't have a dollar, didn' t

    i es dear. , ,, , , """ bag Wing of silk or merino, and 1 tons were gathered Irom the out-crop £ ^ 1 . k i S i t £ L ? r kn kf- o u l > w < u ,» , o u 1 a blacksmith Aud throwing a lieavy cloak about 1 l | | t . ^ HniBiied with a crotched seal-1 tunnels wete then sunk | h " . t hi k s , . v - "Vnth -

    w a 3 a 11 l l , , a v y file. k'iow. her, and encasing her head in a ||ood, l o p . o r t | i e y I u l l v be made of J ava can- and it was w.uked like coal, although ^ S l i i « « vnu ..iiifm 1 wn l,i».k

    1 , 0 1 1 1 inche# long, which 1 the girl opened the door and disap- w i U l » w l r e around tbe top u. there was much waste, as the t\u,-. o

    d o w " ,n-v • ^ ' k . l h e handle in

    Tsfass s&m*. 1 1 grsusis- sssSJts^! ! "Hovs, go below, lire Up and prepare . , 1 The deposit stretches over thousands

    the rest o' the metal. I'll stay here. 1 A girl only 8 yews old was arrested o f a m . b , ] t B value is unknown, but it and when Net comes with tbe dies | for drunkenness, at Low eii, To com- jg ^ o r e valuable than any other in we'll coin. 1 w a n t a full load tienight, 1'lete the disgraceful pictuie. the ^ this country, except the vast mines re- . Lure -.hat has for we're a 'most o u t Here, f ive me a I ' " l l e l l " u r B insensible in discovered in Senora,Cal., thirty of the old Arl lift." I a cell wi thout attention, - - --

    As he ccaaed 6j>eaking he seized a I c) i heavy iron bar and thrust i t beneath | Standard tha t cats can be trained to The veins are from four to twenty the hearthstone. The others joined j retrieve game as well as dogs do. When feet thick, aud have been penetrated hand with him, and with desperate , he takes his gun in his baud his three i to a distance of forty feet, whereas in efforts the live slowly raised the great cats are in ecstasies in anticipation of i the other mines the thickness of the Btone. 1 sport. | veins is measured in inches. If the

    your c o « t " ' X ^ w n Z / 0 " " " l k i r " ' ( W B t i " 1 , r ' U k v ^ Arkansaw mail your cows. VaJvaloii IStwt. carries his bowie knife. I'm not ex- " actly a temperance man, 1 jus t don' t

    The idea of sending over the furni - ; drink au' don't meddle with ary other la i ini i has been manufactured ou t ! man's dr inkin ' - that 's all, Oue day—

    . . , Art ie ship i tesolu te .asapre- 1 hedn't been in Dead wood more 'n a | miles f rom the Gulf. This is supposed 1 sent from the Queeu of Great Britain week—1 was s i t t in ' in a s'ioon—only

    A genUeman writes t


    L « w * I I . M l e h l g i D . N u v r m b v r 34, 1*110.


    I KM «1

    E d i t o r i a l C o m m e n t .

    The re Un' t it Democratic coun ty in KanMU.

    ConKroMinan Conger I* « cand ida te

    fo r Un i t ed State* Senator . Qen. N e k o n A. Milea In to l>e chief

    nignal officer in place of Oen. Merer , do- ceased.

    I l a n l a n ia t h e champion o a n m a n of the world , but a boat ia good for noth*

    l o g on d r y land. Alice Oatea tu rned w r r and broke up

    a few daya i ince . She isn't as good a* t h e w h e a t , bo to speak.

    W a d e Hampton ml vimw the nouth to remain solid. H e seems to hold a special grudge aga ins t the sou th .

    "Clothe m e in dreama," says Fannie Driscoll In her late poem. Too th in , r ann io , fo r thla weather .

    New York aenda three Woods to Con- gress thia t ime. Fe rnandy U one of them—which is enough of t h e k ind .

    T h a t Chinese forgery cost the Repub- licans Cal i fornia and Nevada. Tlie lie got the s t a r t of the t r u t h in thoee states.

    Qen. S h e r m a n is in favor of increas- ing t b e a r m y to 80,000 enlisted men . Ita effective fighting force now it leas than

    88,000. T n e S a u Francisco Chronicle th inks

    tha t t h e Chinese and Qrcenback ques- tions w e n t ou t of politics wi th t h e close

    of t h e la te campaign .

    Pres ident Angell 's mission t o China has been suooMeful. A sat isfactory

    t rea ty be tween t h e Uni ted Sta tes and

    China has been made.

    J amea Gordon Benne t t is charged wi th tbe in tent ion of buy ing t h e London Telegraph. H e ia probablr anxious to become a foreign power.

    Tbe di f ference between Denia Kear- ney a n d W m . Barnum ia—Kearney does h i a d i r t y work open-handed a n d doesn't

    deny i l . T h a t Is. he iu*d to—he's dis- engaged now.

    Gov. J a m e s D. Wil l iams uf Indiana , bet ter k n o w n as "Blue J e a n s Wil l iams," died on Saturday last. H e was nearly 72 years of age. The final fune ra l ser- vices take place to day , Wednesday .

    Oen. G r a n t said in his spet wou ld be difficult to find a be t t e r m a n t h a n Mr. Stone for the place, t h e report t h a t b e is desirous of the position Ik er-


    Mr. B a r n u m will probably d rop his l i t t le scheme t o r e tu rn to New York fo r Hancock. I t would be fa r easier fo r h im t o go th rough the eye of a needle t han to w e a r a vent big enough to do the o ther t h ing . Mr. B a r n u m is not im- mensUy. i u e l f , just now. It would take

    a t least five pecks of h im to make a bushel a t preaeut wr i t ing .

    The t h r ee most p romim at candidates for U . 8 . Senator a re Senator Baldwin,

    Ex-Gov. Bagley and Hon. O. D. Conger. The n a m e s of Hon. J . F. Joy , Congress man Newber ry , CongrcMman Burrows a n d Dr. R y n d have a l t o been meutluiiod In connect ion wi th the place. Our leg- in la ton elect will hav« to niakn the he lect ion. Let them act wisely and lor the best in teres ts of Michigun.

    For 8|«eak«-r of the next House ol the Michigan S ta te Legula lu ro tho iiaiiu» of Hon . S. C. Moffat of the ( i iand

    Traverse dis

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