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  • 1. The Punic Wars

2. Carthage Ancient Phoenician City Fertile interior land Massive port Produced the best Navy Known to Rome as the GreatOther 3. Origins of the 1st Punic war Carthage owned part of Sicily Small dispute in Messana One side went to Rome for aid and the other went to Carthage Carthage was allowed to Messana Rome Felt obligated to respond. 4. 1st Punic War (264 250BCE) Majority of the war was fought at sea Rome had made many mistakes during this war They were not sailors Loss of many fleets Election of New General annually 5. 1st Punic War Romans were always better at Land battle Development of the Corvus Plank of wood between boats 6. Results of 1st War Rome implemented consequences onCarthage: Give up Sicily Puppet Ruler Rome learned new tactics for war atsea Learned to conduct war on GrandScale 7. Origins of the 2nd Punic War Peace Treaty with Rome proveddifficult Rome was invading Corsica Hamilcar Barca Conquered much of Spain Despised Rome wanted to havevengeance for Hamilcar was getting to Carthage old for battle. Trained his son. 8. Hannibal Hannibal was quite youngwhen he became a leader Military Genius Ancient and Modern Tactics Marched on Rome at theage of 25 Wanted to fight onCarthaginian terms 9. 2nd Punic War Rome had an endless supply ofmanpower Rome had many alliances Allies were tired of Roman Treatmentand Endless wars. Hannibaldecided toinvade Italyitself War broke out 10. 2nd Punic War 11. 2nd Punic War - Alps Hannibals march in to Italy Romans were not prepared for landinvasion As Hannibal progressed out of Spain, Romans were not threatened Rhone River in France 12. 2nd Punic War - Alps Crossing the Alps 217 BCE Dangerous 2 reasons: The weather/Ecology of the Mountains Tribes they encountered Freed the Gauland otherGermanic tribes ofNorthern Italy 13. 2nd Punic War Roman react sending both Consulsto meet Carthage forces Trebbia River, Hannibal tricked theRomans 14. 2nd Punic War Romansrecouped, andmet Hannibal asecond time. Lake Trasimene. Defeat Rome Still not receiving as much aid Annual elections 216 elections. Would new consuls better Romeschance? 15. Battle of Cannae 16. Results Of Cannae 212 BCE Rome rebuiltan army. 212 211 Rome and Carthage attempts to starve each other Hannibal began to terrorize cities Romans goal to keep Hannibal in the South part of Italy 17. Publius Cornelius ScipioAfricanus Ran for Consul 205 BCE Would attack Carthage204 Carthage appealed forHannibal to return Hannibal took 2 years to get back to Carthage. Hannibal was able to raise more troops 18. Battle of Zama Both side had aboutthe same number ofmen. Romans had thebetter cavalry Hannibal, on homeground in Africanow, had hiselephants Scipio knew how Hannibal fought with trickery Roman troops were prepared 19. End of the Second Punic War VICTORY!!! 20. Results of 2nd Punic War Turning point for Rome & Republic During the past 50 years Rome gainedcontrol over the majority of theMediterrannean Republic had to adjust: Fiances Administration Foreign Policy Alliance system Later Rome would have to face Greece 21. 3rd Punic War Carthagerecoveredeconomically The RomanSenate feltthreaten Cato Senate to campaign with the slogan: StartedElder Carthago Delenda Est! (Carthage must be detroyed) 22. 3rd Punic WarCato got his way Rome marched on Carthage Carthage avoided 149 BCE Carthage defends itself. fighting at first 3 years of fighting, Carthage city walls werebreached Rome was victorious Destruction of Carthage Salted the Land