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everything is connected LPWAN Use Cases: Making Tech Choice Yury Birchenko CTO

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LPWAN Use Cases: Making Tech Choice

Yury BirchenkoCTO

everything is connected


2Getting Use Cases RightIridium Satellite network launched November 1, 1998

Use Case: Wireless phone calls from remote location A to remote location B

The company went into bankruptcy in nine months after launch, on August 13, 1999

Bankruptcy filling cited "difficulty gaining subscribers"

1,500 Trillion Litres annuallyWasted in US agriculture40% Water Use ReductionBy precision irrigationAgriculture3


Prohibitively costly $500+/pcsExisting senosr monitoring solutions4

Bulky solar panel poweredDo not scale to ~ 2-3 spots/ha monitoringProprietary / not universal designed by sensor vendors for own model range


Precision Agriculture Data Logger5

Development of soil water balance model based on crop type and data from soil moisture sensors

TechnicalUniversal (any sensor)Long range (20km)Compact & Easy to Connect: fits in the palm of hand, IP66, no cable glandsAll inputs for photosynthesis modelingSoil moisture & temp.Air humidity & temp.Solar radiation

Key objectivessave hundreds of pounds per hectare on irrigationearly yield prediction and management


40% More Parking Revenue for Cities30% less driving10% CO2 reduction



7Extreme IoT ChallengeDetection Accuracy > 99%Mechanical Design

Data Analytics Prize: 28 bays at Finsbury Square, LondonAverage Stay Duration 72 min

Average Bay Utilisation - 54%

Total Value of Stays 5K/week

More than 100 overstays per week8


9Getting Technology RightThe handsets could not operate as promoted until the entire constellation of satellites was in place

Reception indoors was difficult and the bulkiness and expense of the hand held devices when compared to terrestrial cellular mobile phones discouraged adoption

Source: Wikipedia

LPWAN Technologies Competitive Matrix10NwaveSigFoxLoRaIngenuNB-IoTFrequency900MHz900MHz900MHz2.4GHz1.8-2.7GHzSensor/ Base Station20,0001000644120,000Open or ProprietaryCOTs hardware/open interfaceProprietary PHY and transport layersProprietary chipset and PHY layerProprietary chipset, PHY and transport layersOpenBattery life10 years10 years10 years10 years5 yearsLink Budget166dB156dB151dB163dB143dBBusiness Model2-3 vertical applications based on underlying platformGlobal public IoT network operator, no appsChipset driven ecosystem, mainly small private networks orientedGlobal public IoT network operator, no appsCellular IoT network, globally available in 2020, no appsMinimum end node cost$2$2$5$5$8