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  1. 1. London Resilience Forum: Supporting Local People Tidal Surge Workshop 17 Oct 2013 Matthew Hogan | London Resilience Team @London_Prepared
  2. 2. London Emergency Services Liaison Panel Shared Major Incident Definition Roles and Responsibilities of organisations Initial response actions Command and Control structures Specialist response information1973Pre 2002200520102012Post 2012 2012
  3. 3. 2010200920082007200620052004200320022001200019991998199719961995199419931992199119901989198819871986198519841983231813 Tidal Closure8 Fluvial ClosuresTotal Closures3-2
  4. 4. Mass Casualties Command and ControlCommunica ting with the PublicMass FatalitiesMass Evacuation(Tidal) Floodin gBusiness ContinuityMass ShelterRecoveryStructural Collapse
  5. 5. AcuteHealth Sector Primary & CommunityContinuity of cold chain drug storageImpact on CommunityReduced ability to heat/cool home Rise in food safety incidents Challenges in communicating with residents and businessesLocal Authorities and BusinessesCessation of elective and nonemergency casesChallenges to some diagnostic servicesPotential rise in admissions (vulnerable)Distress for MH patients Dependencies on equipment at homeRevert manual systemsLarge scale evacuation or shelter may be requiredElectricity FailureFailure of automatic flood protection systems Monitoring equipment affectedAdditional problems may be caused by limitations of working during natural lightClimate and Environment SectorMutual aid to provide alternative supplyUnable to send Flood Alert notificationsRelocation to alternative sitesElectricityPotential water pumping issues in buildingsH&S issues for schoolsDifficulties in communicating between schools and parentsVariability in mortuary business continuity plansUtilities SectorPotential water quality issuesEmergency Impact to Generator water Systems pumping Health and kick in (mains) Safety issuesLoss of electronic transactions and ability to obtain Safety issues for cash from ATMs nursing and residential care Impacts to manufacturing, banking and leisureWaterIncreased fixed line demand Mobile base stations fail (hours) VOIP, DECT and Internet likely to fail Emergency Generator Systems kick inLoss of Passenger Info Systems Trains Stop (5 mins) Comms difficulties with fleet Trapped passengersAirport diversion possibleImplementation of demand managementUnable to recharge mobile phones and Airwave terminals Likely changes in demand profileSecurity barriers and theft prevention systems fail Possibly Retail fuel stopsTelecomsStaff H&S issuesChallenges communicating with oncoming staffunable to retrieve electronic data Potential for public disorder incidentsLikely changes in demand profile Impacts on national transport Limited train service resumesTransport SectorEmergency Services Sector
  6. 6. London Resilience Forum: Supporting Local People Questions@London_Prepared


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