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  • When you are working hundreds of kilometres away from the nearest technical support in one of the world’s most brutally hostile environments, “reliability” and “low-maintenance” become more than just marketing slogans.

    PROJECT LOCATION Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Area

    CUSTOMER LUKOIL – Western Siberia LLC APPLICATIONS Oil and gas infrastructure Control

    PRODUCTS USED 14 х VS-60HEF120U (7x2) Datapath controller


    FURTHER INFORMATION Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V. Nijverheidsweg 23a, 3641RP Mijdrecht The Netherlands Tel: +31 (0)297 282461 Fax: +31 (0)297 283936 E.

    LUKOIL – Western Siberia, Yamal-Nenets, Russia

  • Along with the ability to effectively manage and visualize complex data streams, the remote location meant that total reliability, minimal routine maintenance requirement and ex- cellent energy efficiency were also key requirements. To meet these design criteria, Avilex proposed a solution based around Mitsubishi Electric DLP cubes and a Datapath controller, managed by Mitsubishi Electric’s D-Wall software suite.


    BACKGROUND Located 240km from the city of Novy Urengoy in Siberia, the Pyakyakhinskoye oil and gas condensate field, located in the Yamal-Nenets district, is Russia’s newest oil and gas producing region. Its reserves are estimated at 86 million tons of oil and gas condensate and 253 billion cubic meters of gas, making it a globally-significant source of hydrocarbon energy and one of great importance to the Russian economy. The Russian oil company Lukoil PJSC invested around $1.6bn to develop the field, which began commercial production at the end of 2016. A total of 72 oil wells and 31 gas wells have been drilled. The average daily production of the 36 oil wells now on-stream is over 3,000 tons. Oil is transported via the Zapolyarie – Purpe main oil pipeline. Lukoil expects to reach the peak output of 1.7 million tons of oil and 5.2 billion cubic meters of natural gas in 2020-2021.

    All of the operations of the Pyakyakhinskoye oil and gas con- densate field are monitored and controlled from one central control room facility. Access to the facility from the outside world is extremely difficult due to its remoteness and the harsh environment, making reliability and minimal maintenance of vital importance to the operation of the plant.

    PROBLEM & SOLUTION In August 2016, systems integrator Avilex Company, in collabora- tion with Nefteavtomatika PJSC - a major Russian developer of automation systems in oil and related industries - commissioned the main visualization system for the infrastructure Control Room. The multi-media display system would allow a complete visualization of the operations of the facility and the pipeline network on which it relies. Along with SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) data relating to oil and gas production, utilities, power supply and automatic fire fighting systems, the control room display also needed to bring together live video feeds and a huge variety of reporting and visualization applications to support daily operations and decision making processes including contingency and emergency situations.

    Model VS-60HEF120U Technology LED video wall cube

    Overall Size 14 m2

    No. of Modules 14

    Cooling system Air cooling system with efficient cooling pipe and aluminum plate (No liquid)

    Type DLPTM technology (0.65" DLPTM 1 chip), DarkChip3TM, BrillantColorTM

    Screen Size 60”

    Resolution Full HD, 1920 x 1080 pixels (per module)

    Light Source Redundant LED (RGB)

    Light Source Service Life ≤ 100,000 hrs.


    780 cd/m2 bright mode 620 cd/m2 normal mode 460 cd/m2 eco mode 190 cd/m2 advanced eco mode

    Contrast Ratio 1500: 1

    Power Consumption

    80 W in advanced eco mode 95 W in eco mode 131 W in normal mode 172 W in bright mode

    Optional slot Intel OPS slot x1


    DLPTM and Digital Light Processing are trademarks of Texas Instruments.

  • 120 SERIES CUBES FROM MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC With over 78,000 displays installed worldwide, Mitsubishi Elec- tric is a world-leader in mission-critical control room display. Mitsubishi’s 120 Series displays deliver both outstanding perfor- mance and an impressively low total cost of ownership, thanks to their virtual zero-maintenance design. With a lifetime of at least 100,000 hours*, equal to more than 11 years of operation, Mitsubishi Electric video wall cubes are designed and built to meet the most demanding requirements of the end user.

    Mitsubishi’s proprietary air-cooled projection engine requires no routine maintenance, making it extremely cost-effective. Multiple redundant LED light sources ensure total reliability. 120 Series displays include advanced Smart 7 features to en- sure accurate color and brightness balance is maintained across the entire video wall automatically. Digital graduation and color space control ensure excellent screen uniformity and perfect color reproduction. To further enhance system reliability, an optional redundant power supply is available on some models.

    Integration is simplified thanks to the DisplayPort™ 1.2a, real 4K (3840x2160) high resolution images can be displayed through daisy chain (WE120 only). Versatility is further enhanced by the inclusion of an Intel™ OPS slot, making 120 Series displays ide- al for Pro-IP based systems.

    * WE120 model delivers min 100,000 hours operation in all brightness modes. HE120 models deliver min. 100,000 hours in Advanced Eco-mode only.


    INSTALLATION & RESULTS A total of 14 Mitsubishi VS-60HEF120U front access 60” dis- play projection modules were installed in a 7 x 2 configuration to meet the requirements for room ergonomics and visual clarity. The total screen size is 9.3m x 1.5m with a resolution of 13,440 х 2,160 pixels. 60HEF120 cubes deliver an industry-leading minimum 100,000 hours of continuous operation in Advanced Eco-mode, or 11.3 years of 24/7 operation. In addition, power consumption in Advanced Eco-mode is just 80W, making it currently one of the industry’s most power-efficient. Mitsubishi’s proprietary air-cooled projection engine requires no servicing, removing the need for on-site spares inventory and disruptive maintenance, thereby dramatically reducing the total cost of ownership.

    A high-performance Datapath graphics controller brings together a wide variety of input sources, allowing the full resolution of the display to be utilized. Inputs include video feeds and several multi-channel graphics stations with installed SCADA as well as relays from operators’ work stations of the numerous automa- tion and monitoring systems in operation 24/7.

    Information source display and the position of the graphics windows is controlled by Mitsubishi Electric D-Wall software Version 6, which allows operators and managers to select from any number of pre-programmed display layouts to enable quick access to vital operational information. Two work stations in the room are equipped with remote touch screen consoles that enable the saved graphics layouts to be easily invoked. Thanks to the remote viewing display available in the Control Room, not only shop-floor supervisors, but also supervisors of the duty shift, business unit managers, experts and specialists can perform comprehensive analysis of situations and participate effectively in the decision making process.