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    Customer maintains one of the largest, highest-speed computer networks in the world for research, engineering and testing

    Customer environment consists of one of the worlds largest networks supporting laboratories and educational facilities around the globe. Customer sought out Fluency, understanding the distinctive engineering proficiencies of the developers. Fluency provides the needed approach that meets the requirements of the security industry today focusing on response, not solely detection and taking the additional step of incorporating network flows for fusion with security alerts.

    The unique nature of this particular customers requirements translates in drastic dierences in the protocols and uses of the network. The security team requires network insight without impacting users (their customers). Like most large networks, their network generates an unimaginable amount of security alerts. While the network is mostly secure, the amount of data and time to analyze all the alerts diverted valuable engineering time and ultimately created a significant increase in operational cost.

    Fluency was implemented and provided the capability to analyze all network flows in real time and determine which flows needed to be recorded due to their critical nature. The Fluency implementation includes: Fluency cluster of (3) F-10 10Gbps appliances meeting the requirements of the 10Gbps Internet connection. Along with the normal trac, the network maintains critical systems supporting global internet trac. Fluency met the requirements of 130,000 EPS and over 6,000,000,000 events per day. Fluency captures the network flows and fuses them with security data from already deployed disparate security devices at previously unmatched scale and speed. Fluency provides the VISION of capturing all trac around alerts allowing review completion in seconds not minutes, hours, days, or weeks.

    Fluency demonstrated additional value by providing discovery of network issues. Fluency discovered network misconfigurations and after needed reconfiguration, the flow consumption was reduced by 30%. The additional intelligence Fluency delivered allowed the customer to be tactical in making modifications to the network resulting in significant improvements in performance while giving the team invaluable time back to focus on their primary objective: providing an extraordinarily high performance, highly capable network that continually enhances the customer experience.

    Fluency Case Study

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