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<ul><li><p>A Few Reasons Why You Need To Be Marketing YourBusiness Online</p><p> /a-few-reasons-why-you-want-to-be-marketing-your-business-online/</p><p>luqmanhashi</p><p>Ill start of by saying that whatever idea you every have in life, the number one obstacle will be marketing. Thereason is that humans have a natural aversion to anything new. Thats why brands like Coca-Cola keep winning,they have front of mind awareness consumers wont want to buy another soda nobody really trusts it untils beenproven over and over. Online Marketing is the term used to describe the act of selling and promoting aproduct or a service across the internet. Online marketing has changed the way companies do businessnowadays. Today you can buy anything on the internet from books to luxury vehicles and homes. If your going tomake money in any business your going to have to master marketing. The concept of Online Marketing has grown toencompass multiple areas of the internet, with the fastest segment being social media (Social Media is HOT!).Marketing becomes the key to anything your goal reaching as many people as possible. No matter how great youridea whatever it is you have to acquire clients and keep them happy. From what Ive learned from my research ofvarious markers all marketing gurus master persuasion and understand the psychology/mindset of their targetmarket. A target market is a group of consumers that an organization has decided to aim its marketing efforts at .The thing is traditional marketing can only get you so far its 2016 anyone in business needs to learn how to useand leverage the internet its powerful!</p><p> Traditional marketing &lt; Online Marketing</p><p>The core components of a successful online marketing strategy for any small biz</p><p> Website ( your website needs to be dynamic add a blog)-Social Media-Video-Search Engine Presence-List Building</p><p>The formula used to produce results online marketing your offers is:</p><p>1. Creating Traffic + Converting Leads = Creating Sales</p><p>In the Online Marketing world these are the main numbers that you need to understand and track:</p><p>Cost Per Click (CPC) : Cost per click (CPC) is a method websites use to bill based on the number of times a visitorclicks on an advertisement.</p><p>Cost Per Lead (CPL) : The cost per a new lead ( they gave you their email address).</p><p>Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) The cost per a new customer ( they purchased).</p><p>Want to know one of the biggest problems entrepreneurs face when they start using online marketing?</p><p>-Budgeting</p><p>They have no idea what they can afford to pay per click, per impression, or per conversion. As a result, they go intomarketing online without a plan, which is almost guaranteed to fail!</p><p>1/3</p><p></p></li><li><p>Online Marketing is extremely performance based meaning youre able to quickly determine whether youradvertising will generate a return on investment (ROI) OR if its complete money suck.</p><p>Ignoring online marketing is like opening a business, but not telling anyone!</p><p>Some Quick Facts About Online Marketing</p><p>An estimated 70% of brand marketers find social media a valuable tool for creating brand awareness.</p><p>An estimated 92% of small businesses surveyed think that social media is a valuable advertising tool.</p><p>An estimated 85% of American consumers shop for products &amp; services via search engines.</p><p>An estimated 32% of internet users in the United States rate products &amp; services online.</p><p>20% of Facebook users have purchased something because of ads or comments they saw there.</p><p>73% of smartphone owners access social networks through apps at least once per day.</p><p>91% of online adults use social media regularly.</p><p>Facebook has nearly 850 million users.</p><p>Twitter has over 450 million users.</p><p>Google plus has nearly 400 million users.</p><p>Almost 250 million searches are performed per day on Google alone!</p><p>The chart below has a few more facts why every business would be crazy not to be marketing their product orservice online.</p><p>2/3</p></li><li><p>3/3</p><p>A Few Reasons Why You Need To Be Marketing Your Business Online</p></li></ul>