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Lutheran Schools – Mission Outposts in Your Community © 2015, Rev. Peter Meier, D Min Center For United States Missions

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  • Lutheran Schools Mission Outposts in Your Community

    2015, Rev. Peter Meier, D Min Center For United States Missions

  • Lutheran Schools Models for Mission

    1. Spiritual blessing, salvation of souls

    2. State benefits from educated Christian citizens

  • St. Louis, 1839 Catechism Bible History US, World History Reading (German) Writing (German) Grammar Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry Penmanship Science Geography English language

  • The establishment of a school was almost simultaneous with the establishment of a congregation. In the cities, it often preceded the founding of the congregation. (AC Stellhorn, Schools of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, CPH, p 92)

  • Without Parochial Schools, No Prosperity of the Church, Walther, 1873

  • The congregation or parish resolves to maintain a school for the purpose of carrying out its own obligation toward the children of the community, particularly those of its members, according to the words of Christ, Feed my lambs, Teach all nations teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you. (Stellhorn, Lutheran Schools, 193)

  • Missiology 101: Cultural Insiders and Cultural Outsiders

  • What do you observe in YOUR community?

    Evidence of a post-church world No absolute truthtruth is emerging... Right / Wrong defined by The truth of Christ is no longer a cultural

    truth or necessity for todays prosperity The institutional church has lost its relevance

    in this culture Denominational loyalty has faded

  • How do we reach them? De-churched




  • IN the Community Fortress Community has no

    influence on the church Church exists for the

    members No contribution to the

    community ZERO involvement,

    influence, impact

  • TO the Community Savior Bless the community on

    its (churchs) own terms Relief ministries offered

    (food, clothing, gas, furniture handouts, etc) to make up for deficits

    MINIMAL involvement, influence, impact

  • WITH the Community Partner Helping people to a

    relationship with God Discovering and

    unleashing community assets

    KINGDOM involvement, influence, impact

  • Moving from IN WITH

  • Do you know YOUR community?

    The needs of members The needs of other Christians The needs of non-Christians Whose needs come first? Why? How can you discover those needs and

    learn their story?

  • Basic Community Missiology

    Define your neighborhood or community

    Demographics (Harddata) US Census Bureau LCMS District Office (LCEF) free! Community (librarian, local schools, city

    planner, chamber of commerce) Map (city planner, mapquest, google)

  • Look, Listen

    Walkabout Get out there! (Soft) Prayer Walks ( Observe, take notes

    Structures Scraps of Life (artifacts, activities, values) Signage (language, shops, etc) Sounds & Smells Signs of Hope (other organizations, resources,


  • Look, Listen

    Walkabout Get out there! Eat & Shop locally Spend an hour in a waiting area

    (medical, courtroom, city offices, etc) Community bulletin boards City Meetings, cultural events Other churches

  • Learn by Listening

    Ask How is God already at work here? What areas of community life call for

    Gods transformation? (idols) What would Gods shalom look like in

    our community? How can we best participate in Gods

    redemptive/transformative plans?

  • The school is our mission. What does this mean?

    For our kids to grow up safe with other Lutheran or Christian kids?

    Get our kids ready for Confirmation? Teach our kids moral living and good

    deeds? Teach our kids how to be intentional

    about sharing Jesus with everyone they meet?

  • Why do we have a school? That all might be

    saved. 1 Tim 2 That every knee

    will bow and every tongue confess. Philippians 2

    That every Christian will be my witnesses Acts 1

    To teach kids Biblical truths and morals

    To raise my kids in the faith

    Because weve always had one

    Because I went here Mainly for our

    members or other Christians

    Parental promises made at Baptism

  • The members of a missional congregation/school

    think, plan and act in alignment with the Great Commission.

    The vision, mission, staffing, policies, priorities and budget are intentionally determined in light of the

    congregations role to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with their community.

    Intentionally engaged in Gods Mission

    A Missional School

  • So Whos Job Is It Anyway?

  • All the Baptized have one and the same vocation. . .


  • Who are YOUR 3? ___________________



  • School Model Is Changing

    No longer Lutherans educating their own children for the sake of the church

    Not as parish based others sending children for various reasons

    Tuition causes a consumer mindset Increased mission opportunities but often a

    disconnect or missed opportunities

  • Driving Forces for LCMS Schools

    Inward Focus Outward Focus

    Open to Change Resistant to Change

  • How Can the School Support the Mission of the Congregation?

  • How Can the Pastor be Supportive of the School?

  • Lutheran School Teams More than team ministry Missionary Team organized

    intentionally to carry out the Great Commission

  • Missional Leadership Missionaries always are faced with more questions than answers.

    Leaders are always searching for answers to the questions, and enlisting others to help figure it out and carry out their plan.

  • Missional Leadership Synthesis of missional with

    leadership concepts. Includes all members of the staff, each

    one a vital member of the missionary team

  • Missional Leaders Live their lives on missional purpose Efforts are energized by vision of the

    preferred future Willing to risk for the sake of mission Prefer to work in teams, releasing

    ministry to people, and people for ministry

    Genuinely spiritual

  • Missional Leaders Are missionaries themselves Are leaders of missionary teams Are missional strategists who focus on

    training, deploying, debriefing their missionary force

  • Missional Leaders Ask three vital questions of constituents: 1. What does God desire for our church (and

    what role does the school have in that)? 2. What would God have us do as individuals

    and as a body? 3. How should we organize/structure our

    ministry to best accomplish Gods purposes for us?

  • Missional Leadership and Lutheran Schools

    Where there is a strong pastor/ principal relationship, schools seem to be growing. (Cochran)

    Church and school leadership must make school outreach a priority, beginning with the pastor and principal working as a strong united team. (Lucas)

  • Missional Leadership and Lutheran Schools

    Usually, when churches talk about

    using their schools as outreach to the community, they are looking for people to join the church, and so

    schools become the bait for getting new members.

  • Missional Leadership and Lutheran Schools

    If our school communities are mission fields, then it is time to

    think, plan, and act like missionaries.

  • Missional Schools In our post-church culture,

    Lutheran Schools have the potential

    and the means to make a powerful impact for the sake of the Gospel!

  • Missional Schools Distinctly Lutheran Organized around the Great

    Commission Active in service with their


  • Missional Schools Imagine the Kingdom multiplication possibilities if Our entire LCMS Lutheran school system

    saw itself as intentionally/actively engaged in Gods mission

    Each Lutheran church/school saw itself as a mission training center

    Each student were trained and equipped as a missionary!

  • Richard K. Schnake, The Little Bread Store: A Parable for Urban Lutheran Schools. Lutheran Education Journal, Volume 141, No 1, pages 53-36.

  • Lutheran Schools Mission Outposts in Your Community

    2015, Rev. Peter Meier, D Min Center For United States Missions

    Lutheran Schools Mission Outposts in Your CommunityLutheran Schools Models for MissionSlide Number 3St. Louis, 1839Slide Number 5Without Parochial Schools, No Prosperity of the Church, Walther, 1873Slide Number 7Missiology 101: CulturalInsiders and Cultural OutsidersWhat do you observe in YOUR community?How do we reach them?IN the CommunityTO the CommunityWITH the CommunityMoving from IN WITHDo you know YOUR community?Basic Community MissiologyLook, ListenLook, ListenLearn by ListeningThe school is our mission.What does this mean?Why do we have a school?Slide Number 22So Whos Job Is It Anyway?Slide Number 24Slide Number 25Slide Number 26Slide Number 27Slide Number 28School Model Is ChangingSlide Number 30Slide Number 31Slide Number 32Slide Number 33Slide Number 34Slide Number 35Slide Number 36Lutheran School TeamsMissional LeadershipMissional LeadershipMissional LeadersMissional LeadersMissional LeadersMissional Leadership and Lutheran SchoolsMissional Leadership and Lutheran SchoolsMissional Leadership and Lutheran SchoolsMissional SchoolsMissional SchoolsMissional SchoolsSlide Number 49Lutheran Schools Mission Outposts in Your Community