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What we doWe represent photographers & artists. To better serve our clients, we have 3 divisions. !For over 30 years LVA Represents has been a highly regarded creative destination for the global photography community. We have mentored, refreshed, launched, monitored, and cemented numerous prolic careers during our journey. One key to our many years of success is respect, and understanding of an ever-evolving industry. We adapt, expand, refresh and continue to connect the dots for all who depend on us. ! The challenges are great but the rewards are greater. Our success is a by-product of our customers successes. Weve earned our credentials, but we dont dwell on the past. We are in constant motion because our destination is a moving target. ! !

LVA+ loves images. loves to create them, loves see them work in the world.! LVA+ loves photography. loves to see the people places and things come together to create strong images that sell ideas, fashion, lifestyles, aspirations, beauty.! We want to take your small job and make it fun. we want to take your big job and make it easy.! let's work together soon.!

Ramona Reps is a boutique agency with a love for unique photographers who are fully invested in their careers. Our photographers (all 6 of them) are making waves in this industry and doing things a bit differently from the norm. We are here to adapt and better serve the ever-changing photography community. We listen, learn and love. !

Our Photographers for Ogilvy CommonHealth!We exclusively represent an amazing roster of lens geniuses that cover nearly every genre. Here we have compiled a selection of photographers that we feel will best fit you and your creative approach. !

Chris Eckert Lifestyle!Chris is always on the move. He is one of the busiest photographers working today. His endless energy and self-taught style have made him a regular with advertising, corporate and editorial clients all over the world. From the shyest model to the most demanding CEO, he always brings unique imagery into the world.! Clients: Procter & Gamble,Aropostale,Sears,JC Penney, Walgreens, imagination, Ford Motors, Samsung, NYSE, Caesarstone, Whirlpool,Llongines, Litl,Pantene, Avon, Dior Beauty, Suave,Kaaral USA,Seventeen Magazine, O, The Oprah Winfrey Magazine, Redbook Magazine, The New York Times, Weight Watchers Magazine,Three Cheers for Girls!,House Beautiful's Kitchen of the Year! Celebrities: Selena Gomez, Chlo Grace Moretz, Gabrielle Douglas, Jessica Sanchez, Holland Roden,Luis Guzmn,Stefanie Graf, Alex Morgan.! !

Dirk Karsten Conceptual and AdvertisingThe work of Dutch photographer Dirk Karsten incorporates humor, emotion, and world-class digital technology in truly astounding ways. His image! making process takes place in two parts. He works on location gathering shots with the best digital equipment available on the market today, and! then he completes his work back in his studio in Amsterdam with a post production team Stephan Lesger in order to collage together, through digital! manipulation, a nal image that is tailored to client specications.! A hallmark of Karstens work is creating beautiful and truly imaginative images that tell stories and that the viewer can project themselves into.! Translating what is my mind on to paper is the most fullling part of my work. Its a question of will power. You dont let things stand in your way and! when it all comes together thats the rush, says Karsten. Karsten has been making pictures for thirty years and has amassed a diverse client list! that includes Mercedes, EMI records, Phillips, Jumeirah Hotels and Resorts, Deutsche Bank, KLM and American Express among many others. !

Mallory Morrison - Underwater!Named one of the top underwater photographers in the world, Mallory is very passionate about shooting H20. She loves the anti-gravity environment and strives to tell stories and concepts that are enhanced with the underwater setting. This allows her to push the limits of people photography and create images that are dynamic and intriguing. ! Mallory has been a dancer for 24 years, mostly focusing on classical ballet. This helps her to choreograph her models well and understand how the body moves. She mostly uses dancers as models since the water is such a natural environment for them.! Mallory is an international award winning photographer. She is currently working with magazines, designers and private clients shooting underwater fashion and beauty in Los Angeles, CA and worldwide.!

Eddie Collins- Lifestyle!Originally from Sydney, Australia, Eddie spent the greater part of his youth circling the globe. Eventually he found a home in Paris, where he lived for three years and developed his interest in art and fashion, which later brought him to photography.! ! Eddie is always striving for those key moments of realness, energy, movement and true emotions in his images. He has had the opportunity to shoot amazing people throughout his career, including celebrities such As Halle Berry, Jennifer Tilley, Lisa Ling, Kristen Johnston, And New York Rangers ice hockey player Henrik Lundqvist.! ! !

Timothy Bailey Conceptual & Advertising!Timothy Bailey is a conceptual photographer who uses humorous or epic narratives to tell each story. His approach to shooting everything! separate helps create an unexpected image. Timothy thrives on the ridiculous! He does all his own retouching and uses special effects to! transform the unreal into the real. Timothy is a graduate from the Art Center College of Design only twenty ve years old working and winning! competitions, and is always up for a new challenge. Timothy is able to work both independently and in collaboration with other professionals. He! truly is a photographer who understands the creative process from beginning to end and can comprehend all that is necessary to bring your vision! to life.!

Braden Summers Conceptual & Advertising!Braden Summers, classically trained in drawing and painting, uses his ne art sensibilities to compose photographs with elements and scenes that! visually tell a story. In his world, photography is more of a means of illustration rather than capturing a moment in time. Throughout the process he! strives to inject inspiration into his narrative style. Whether shooting celebrities for The Tony Awards, a pharma campaign for Pzer or a lifestyle! series of modern couples for MoMA, his work remains instantly recognizable with his unique, stylized treatments.

Uli Rose Lifestyle!Uli Rose is a fashion and lifestyle photographer based in New York of German descent with a profound list of advertising and editorial clients. Uli shoots momentsvery present of life and beauty. Clients include: French + British Vogue, Luomo, Donna, Elle, The New York Times Magazine, Child, Vogue, Elle, Mademoiselle, Self, Seventeen, Oil Of Olay, Estee Lauder, Virginia Slims, Esprit, JC Penney, Hecht, Clairol, Proctor + Gamble, Ann Taylor, Hanes, and many many more.

Ja Lifestyle !!I love life, travel, people, and positivity. My medium allows me to document, share, and promote individuals and their cultures. Ive felt extremely blessed to grow up in a family where the arts were always welcomed and supported. My heart is in photography, and I am so excited to work with the people I do. The progression of my work has been an exciting journey as it is for every artist. I would have never got to where I am now without the help of many people. As everything moves forward, I hope to welcome change and continue to inspire as people have inspired me.!

Brian Edwards Fashion!Brian came to New York from Seattle in the early '90's to pursue his lifelong dream of digging ditches. After toiling in the lower levels within the cutthroat world of manual excavation he realized that the politics of the industry were too complex and he needed to nd a different path. Photography seemed the obvious choice. Though he enjoys the simplicity of the photo industry, he sometimes yearns for the intense political arena and backbreaking labor of his original dream.!

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