lynmouth bay watersmeet and glenthbrne fisheries river lyn, 2020. 8. 15.آ  fishing allowed fishing...

Download Lynmouth Bay Watersmeet and GlenthBrne Fisheries River Lyn, 2020. 8. 15.آ  Fishing allowed Fishing allowed

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  • Long Pool

    Crook Pool

    Horner Pool

    Furze Pool

    No Fishing in shaded area


    End of Fishery

    Ramsey Pool

    Lyn Rock Pool

    Black Pool

    Lower Lyn Rock Pool Upper Lyn Rock Pool

    Peal Pool

    Vellacotts Pool

    Overflow Pool

    Lower Stag Pool

    Dumbledon PoolWatersmeet Bridge Pool

    Upper Stag Pool

    Ashford Pool

    Fox Pool Buddle Pool Meadow Pool

    Start of Fishery

    Watersmeet House

    Black Rocks

    Ash Bridge FB

    Chiselcombe Bridge

    Combe Park

    Woodside Bridge




    FB Ford

    L y n m o u t h B a y

    East Lyn River

    Ho aro


    W at


    East Lyn River

    Wester Wood

    Bonnicott Wood Horner’s NeckWood

    Barton Wood

    Barton Wood Mill


    Frogwell Wood

    Grafton Wood Birch Wood

    Wilsham Wood

    Trilly Wood





    Porlock, Minehead

    Barbrook Filling Station, Barbrook. Tel: 01598 752248

    22 4

    Reproduced by permission of Ordnance Survey. © Crown Copyright and database right 2009. All rights reserved.

    Ordnance Survey licence number AL 100018591

    1/2 mile 1 kilometre


    A road

    B Road

    Minor road / track





    Fishing allowed

    Fishing allowed (children)

    No fishing (private fishery)



    Salmon Season: 1 March - 30 Sept

    (no worm or maggot before 16th June. catch and release of all salmon is mandatory for the whole season).

    Sea Trout & Brown Trout: 15th March - 30th Sept (no worm or maggot for sea trout before 16th June. catch and release of all sea trout is mandatory for the whole season. brown trout fishing by artificial fly only)

    A separate Environment Agency rod fishing licence is required

    Fishery restrictions to protect Salmon and Sea trout

    hook of no larger than a standard size 4.

    not allowed at any time in

    Ban on sale of rod-caught

    sea trout and salmon (New

    Byelaw) - no person shall sell, offer or

    expose for sale or have in possession for

    sale any salmon or migratory trout which

    has been taken by rod and line.

    Please avoid making contact

    with the river bed to help

    protect important wildlife

    habitats. Take extra care not to

    disturb fish and river gravel

    during March when salmon and trout are laying their eggs in gravel in the shallow, fast

    flowing parts of the river. It is an offence under the Salmon & Freshwater Fisheries Act 1975 to

    wilfully disturb these fish spawning areas.

    Please report any incidents relating to pollution, illegal fishing or flood risk to the Environment Agency on 0800 807060 (free 24 hour incident hotline) or sightings of wildlife or litter pollution to National Trust wardens/rangers on 01598 763306.

    Canoeing arrangements detailed overleaf

    Day and week

    permits available


    Rockford Inn, Brendon. Tel: 01598 741214

    Tourist Information Centre, Town Hall, Lynton. Tel: 0845 6603232

    Taunton Angling Centre, 63 Station Road, Taunton. Tel: 01823 282 518

    Porlock Visitor Centre, West End, High Street, Porlock. Tel : 01643 863150

    The National Trust, Watersmeet House, Lynmouth. Tel: 01598 752648

    More copies of this leaflet can be downloaded from

    Printed on waterproof paper

    Watersmeet and Glenthorne Fisheries River Lyn, North Devon

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    Catch and release of all salmon and sea trout is mandatory for the whole season.

    Permitted baits are restricted to artificial fly and artificial lure until 16th June.

    Worm or maggot may be fished from 16th June on a single Circle patterned

    Fishing with worm or maggot is

    Long Pool.