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  • 1. Market Overview Key Impact Trends Fortune 500 vs. SMBs MPS or MDS?Thinking Outside of the BoxFinding the S in MPSSome Solutions

2. Enterprise & SMBsLower CostGoing GreenPower Office UserHigh Value Documents 3. Lower Costs:Office Workers average 10k printed pages per yearWhats the Best Way for themto Decrease Print Costs?Print Less? Source: Gartner Reducing Paper Consumption Will Drive Down Costs and Improve Workflows 4. Lower Costs:Corporate Print & IT Budgets Equal 6% of RevenuesThe interesting thing is that (in the enterprise) the totalPrint Budget is equal to the total IT Budget, yet,culturally, we manage the hell out of IT but not thisimportant costPrint!We over-manage IT and under-manage PrintAndrew Rowsell-Jones, VP Gartners CIO Research Group Source: Gartner Print: the last bastion of cost cutting? CIO Magazine 5. Going GreenIT Purchase Decisions Are Influenced by Green67% Are Implementing Green Programs80% RFQs Consider Suppliers Green Aspects30% of Infrastructure Purchasing Decisions are Based on Green FactorsSource: Gartner - Green IT in the Enterprise 6. The Power Office User26% of Color Laser Users are High-Volume Users 100+ Color Pages Per Week 50%+ of Output is Color Source: IDCs Color Hardcopy Multiclient Study 7. High Value Documents Office Publishing Growing Growing Workflow Workflow 8. Office Documents vs. PrintsHigh ValueDocumentsPAPER REDUCTION& GREENINITIATIVES 9. What Are High Value Documents?Newsletters Brochures & FlyersProposalsCatalogs ManualsSell Sheets Training Materials 10. Whats Similar about High Value Documents?Color & FinishingFoldingColorBinding TabsPunching 11. Smartphone Sales Continue to Grow!300 Million Units Sold Worldwide in 2010 (+80% from 2009)Smartphone Sales to Outpace PC Sales by 2012 12. Not Only SmartPhones Need to Print Tablet Sales are Exploding!15 Million Apple iPads sold in 201040 55 Million Tablets Forecast Worldwide for 2011 (from all manufacturers) iPadREADERS NETBOOKSTABLETS eSlick WePad iREXAndroid VerizonSony EntouragePsion Kindle ASUS Toshiba 13. ASUS EEE2011 The Year of the Tablet PADTRANSFORME RASUS EEEPADSLIDERASUS EEEPAD MEMOTOSHIBA FOLIO 100 TOSHIBA LIBRETTO W100LENOVOTHINKPAD X200HP TOUCHMOTOROLA XOOMBLACKBERRY PLAYBOOK 14. #1 Requested Feature for iPhone & iPad?PRINT!Where theres aWill, theres a Way! 15. How Do We Make Money With Mobile Printing? Install Base of SmartPhones & Tablets is Enormous What Will Utilization Rate Be? How Many Pages that May Have Been Printed from a PC Will No Longer be Printed if Available Anytime in the Cloud?SOURCE: I.T. Strategies 2010 16. Fortune 500 vs. SMBsShared Goals Raise Revenue, Reduce Costs & Streamline ProcessesSimilarities in all MPS engagements Assessments Optimize and consolidate the printer/copier fleet Streamline Workflows Provide Detailed Reports About the Printer/Copier Fleet & Usage Patterns 17. Small & Medium Businesses (SMB)Lack of IT resources to Oversee Companywide InitiativesHighest Growth Area for MPSFewer ResourcesHigher Costs per EmployeeDont Have Dedicated Teams to Support Company-WideInitiatives 18. Small & Medium Businesses (SMB)Very limited MIS/IT Resources Help Desk and/or Break-Fix Issues No Resources for Designing and Implementing Infrastructure Improvements that Might Streamline Processes and/or Reduce CostsExtraordinary Opportunity for Services Companies Supplement Lack of IT resources Greatly Reduce the Costs of Printing Enables Smaller Companies to Apply Savings in Other Parts of Their Business, or Right to Their Bottom Line 19. Small & Medium Businesses (SMB)Dont Ignore the Sweet Spotdevelop a strategy that targets medium-sized businesses. Medium-sizedbusinesses are a largely untapped market,and are predicted to be the highest area ofgrowth for MPS through 2014SOURCE: Randall Dazo, InfoTrends 20. Total U.S. Managed Print Service Market by Company SizeHighestGrowth Rate! SOURCE: InfoTrends Managed Print Services Forecast 21. Managed Print Services50% of Printers/Copiers will be Under MPS contract by 2013MPS will be a $68 Billion Business by 2014Xerox - 5 Year Global MPS contract with Proctor & GambleReduce Print-Related Power Usage by 30%Reduce Paper Consumption by 20-30% AnnuallyHewlett Packard - 3M Corporation (Since 2008)Reduced the Number of Print Devices by 47%Realized more than $3 Million in Savings in the First 2 YearsSOURCES: Photoizo Group 2010 MPS Market Size, Share and Forecast Report, Xerox Press Release April, 2009, HP Press Release April, 2008 22. Total U.S. Managed Print Service Market by MPS SegmentHighestGrowth Rate!SOURCE: InfoTrends Managed Print Services Forecast 23. Small & Medium Businesses (SMB) Move Up the Value Chain the Real Growth is now Coming from Solutions. Revenues for Supplies are Eroding, so it is Important to Move up the Scale. The Higher Tiers are Less Cutthroat and Service Providers have More of a Chance of Turning a ProfitSOURCE: Randall Dazo, InfoTrends 24. MANAGED DOCUMENT SERVICES Increased Profits & Revenues ENHANCEDDOCUMENT SERVICES STREAMLINE WORKFLOW OPTIMIZE & CONSOLIDATE Stagnant CAPTURE Profits & THE FLEET Revenues MANAGED PRINT SERVICES 25. GreenMobileSecurityColorAuto-Magic 26. Thinking Outside of the BoxTraditional MPSAll about Capturing the FleetConsolidation and OptimizationTypical MPS Services FocusInitial AssessmentsOptimization/Consolidation ofPrinter/Copier FleetStreamlining Printing WorkflowRobust Reporting 27. Thinking Outside of the BoxMove to MDSFocused on Enhancing & StreamliningPrinting WorkflowsExpanding Document ServicesBuild a Document Services PracticeRemove Customers Pain PointsEstablish Your Services BrandCompetitive DifferentiationBe an Invaluable Strategic Partner 28. Thinking Outside of the BoxPain-Points & Bottlenecks Lead to Custom ServicesChargeable Service: Anything You Can Do for Your Customer That Will Save Them Money or Improve Their ProcessesOut of the Box Services Going Green Color Management Mobile Printing Security Auto-Magic 29. Green PrintingAll Companies Love Green or Eco Initiatives Dramatically Reduce Costs Enhancing Corporate Image as a Conscience Company Green Printing Services Focused on Three Areas: Reducing Paper, Power & Toner Consumption.Reducing Paper Consumption Duplex Printing Reduces Paper Consumption by Up to 50%, Booklets Reduce Paper consumption Up to 75-85%!Reducing Power Consumption Device Consolidation & Replacing Older Equipment Copiers & Printers Use More Energy When Idle Than When Printing Offer a Remote Capability that Automatically Turns the Devices Off on Nights & Weekends, and Back On When Its Time for Work 30. Color ManagementColor in the Office is the Largest Growth Area for Color MFPs Declining Costs Increased Functionality Reduce Costs by Bringing Color Printing In-HouseConsistent Color Quality Requires Regular Calibration & Color Management Office Users Dont Have the Knowledge/Desire to Learn Color Management Great Opportunity for Ongoing Services Keeping Color Output Consistent 31. Mobile Printing If 2010 was the Year of the SmartPhone then 2011 will be the Year of the Tablet 3000 Million SmartPhones Shipped Worldwide in 2010 How People Use Computers is Becoming Very Mobile No Matter What People Use to Create, View and Distribute Documents, Users Will Still Need to Print This is a Great Services Opportunity by Helping IT Departments Large and Small to Implement a Mobile Printing Infrastructure 32. Secure PrintingThe Services Opportunity with Secure Printing is Limitless Government Regulation Employee Confidentiality HIPPA Corporate EspionageSimple to Complex Integrating Pin Codes or ID Badge Readers into the Print Workflow Only the User that Sent the File to Print, Can Retrieve It Also Saves Paper by Helping to Manage Waste Tools that Restrict Who Prints What Watermarking High Security Documents to Stop Unauthorized Printing 33. Auto-Magic Anything that you can do for your customer that will save them time, and make their job easier, can be a chargeable serviceAuto-Magic Tools & Utilities Visual Print Drivers Fiery VUE Virtual Printers One-Click Printing with Hot Folders Create Complex, and/or Repetitive Documents 34. Interactively Change Document SettingsDynamic Visual FeedbackShows Only Features that are Available 35. Anyone Can Download www.efi.com/fieryvueFully Functional Demo ModeRequires a Fiery Controller to Print 36. 2003, 2007 & 2010Word, PowerPoint, ExcelImport PDF Files 37. Driverless Printing in MS Office 38. Finished Documents Save Money! Printing on 1 Side: The most expensive way to printEstimated up to 70% of office printing is single sided printing Printing on 2 Sides: Reduces cost by 50% Fiery VUE Half Size Green Book: Reduces cost by 75%!2 pages per sheet printed on both sides and automatically scaledPortrait Landscapeto fit on smaller paper Fiery VUE Mini Green Book: Reduces cost by 85%!4 pages per sheet printed on both sides and automatically scaledto fit on smaller paper 39. UPLOAD TO CLOUDDOWNLOAD TO PRINTDocuments can be Uploaded to thePrintMe Cloud through the PrintMe Web Documents can be Pulled to Any Site, eMail, PrintMe Print Driver or PrintMe Enabled Printer ClientPrintMe SmartPhone & Tablet Apps (Terminal & MFP LCD ) PrintMe ServerWeb (1 to Many)SmartPhones EmailPrintMe PrintMeTerminal(1 to 1) Print Driver Desktop & SmartPhone Mobile PCs & Tablet Apps Direct Mobile PrintingDocuments can be sent Direct to any WiFi Connected Printer(No SmartPhone App or PrintMe Cloud Required)