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  • 1. Madigan Surveying Pty. Ltd. was formed in Victoria in 1979.From its inception the company has built up a team of highlyskilled Surveyors and Technical support staff capable ofproviding a diverse range of survey services. The companys M A D I G A Nclient base encompasses major construction companies,property development groups, architects, engineers, localand state government and planners.Currently employing approximately 35 people, MadiganSurveying has the skills and expertise to undertake a broadrange of services from the management of large construction SURVEYINGsites to simple two lot land subdivisions and has contributed tomany of Melbournes well known and prominent landmarks.The Company utilises the latest technologies. Specialists in providing a complete range of survey services to the construction industry and allied professionalsMadigan Surveying ServiceSPre-ConstruCtion - Design anD DeveloPment:aDDitional surveying serviCes: FEATURE SURVEYS AND DIGITAL TERRAIN MoDELLING FACADE MAPPING AERIAL PhoToGRAPhY FLooR MoDELLING AND LEVELLING 3D MoDELLING AND VISUALISATIoN VoLUME CoMPUTATIoN DILAPIDATIoN SURVEYS RAILwAY woRkSProPerty BounDary surveys: (Cadastral)ConstruCtion: RESCoDE PLANNING APPLICATIoNS SURVEY PRojECT MANAGEMENT LAND AND BUILDING SUBDIVISIoN AND hIGh RISE CoNSTRUCTIoN CoNSoLIDATIoN AND RE-ESTABLIShMENT oF PRoPERTY CIVIL SEToUT BoUNDARIES TUNNELLING APPLICATIoN SURVEYS MoNIToRING TENANCY AND FLooR AREA DATABASE oThER CADASTRAL SURVEYS

2. 3D Modelling and Visualisation: Facade Mapping: Monitoring:Simple to very complex 3D models with The mapping of building facades for the Vertical and Lateral monitoring to guage theextraction of 2D plans, elevations, sectionscreation of plans, elevations and models forimpact of construction works on surroundingand solar studies.use in detailed design. buildings.Aerial Photography: Railway works:Floor Modelling and Levelling:Preparation of high Resolution ortho aerial our staff have a full range of safety Modellingofbuildingfloorstominimisephotography and highquality prints at A0 or certificatesthatpermitthemtoworkwithin material volumes whilst maintaining suitablelarger, with detailed overlays. the railway environment.floorgradientshigh Rise Construction: Tenancy and Floor Area Database:Application Surveys:Surveycontrolofmultistoreyofficeand Tenancy surveys for leasing purposes from Surveys to support applications:apartment complexes from inground works individual areas to complete building To bring land under the operation of thethroughstructureconstructiontofinalfacade databases for retail and commercial Transfer of Land Act.installation. premises. For claims of adverse possession. To amend title.Tunnelling: other Cadastral Surveys: To remove warnings on title.Control, setout and monitoring of tunnelling Crown surveys and the preparation of Rescode Planning Applications:projects throughout Australia. plans for crown licenses and leases, Crown Grants and Gazettal purposes Preparation of neighbourhood character for state government departments.plans for local council approval toFeature Surveys and Digital Terrain Road closure surveys and preparation accompany development applications.Modelling: of title plans and Gazettal diagrams This neighbourhood character plan will for state and local the general street-scape, includingLocation of existing conditions prior to Preparation of lease plans for various neighbouring property locations anddetailed design. The feature survey data authorities. windows.can be modelled to produce a Digital Construction Lease and Licence Plans,Terrain Model (DTM) and Triangular Citipower Lease Plans.Irregular Network (TIN). This data issupplied to the client in 3d in the requiredformat. (Microstation, Autocad, etc.)Land and Building Subdivision and Consolidation and Re-establishment of Property Boundaries: Rural, Residential, commercial and industrial land and building subdivisions ranging from simple dual occupancies to the more complex 40 storey building subdivision with multiple owners corporations and multi lot land estate type subdivisions. Survey and the preparation of Plans of Subdivision of land affected by owners corporations under Section 32 of the Subdivision Act. Stratum Subdivision conversions. Consolidation of titles. Plans for Creation, removal and variation of easements. Surveys and preparation of plans for land acquisition purposesMADIGAN SURVEYING 96 MoRANG RoAD hAwThoRN 3122 PhoNE: 9819 9599 FAX 9818 2322 EMAIL: