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Magazine analysis Kerrang! Issue no 1296 January 23rd

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Page 1: Magazine Analysis - Kerrang

Magazine analysis Kerrang!

Issue no 1296January 23rd

Page 2: Magazine Analysis - Kerrang

Cover analysis: Target audience

Kerrang! Is aimed at a niche audience that listen to the music and bands that are shown in the magazine, which are mainly rock/metal. This is also shown by the images and fonts used that seem more violent and aggressive, this is the kind of image that is associated with that genre of music.

Page 3: Magazine Analysis - Kerrang

Cover analysis: Pugs

The pug is located in the lower right hand corner. Attention is drawn to it as it is placed underneath the barcode. It includes the issue number, this is helpful to those who collect the magazine as well as the date and price. There is also the website included, the pugs give a feel of importance and this will draw attention to the website and possibly give it a kind of promotion to the fans.

Page 4: Magazine Analysis - Kerrang

Cover analysis: The Masthead

The masthead is in a font that is made to look cracked, this links to the idea of onomatopoeia that ‘kerrang’ sounds like the crashing sound of a symbol, connoting again the style of music the magazine is based on. It also creates a house style that is well known and so can be covered by the main picture but the customer would still understand that this is Kerrang! With the white colour for the text it also stands out against the blue background.

Page 5: Magazine Analysis - Kerrang

Cover analysis: Main image

The main image is spread across the cover to show that this is the main article inside, if the band is unknown to a customer the cover line is anchorage. The clothes that the band are in portray a ‘normal’ feeling as they aren't dressed in out of the ordinary costumes. The image is fun although none of the members of the band are smiling there isn't a dark or depressing feel to the image, instead one of curiosity. The member with his mouth open appears to be the lead singer as the rule of thirds has been used to define him from the rest of the band, at a different level and in front of the others. The mode of address is an ideal self as it would probably appeal to other young bands.

Page 6: Magazine Analysis - Kerrang

Cover analysis: Cover lines

Banner is used to create more attention, use of alliteration ‘guitar god’ is appealing

The chosen fonts are not serious and give the connotations of writing on chalk boards.

The text is on black backgrounds with white and yellow colour theme, giving a house style.

‘get ready’ gives excitement and drawers the reader into wanting to know more. ‘Plus!’ has the same effect.

Pull quotes create more anticipation and also help to draw the reader in to the inside material.

‘exclusive’ shows to the reader that it is only found in this magazine and is therefore special

The use of blue stands out on the page against the other texts showing something ‘different’ in this case posters, this is also emphasised by the small bordering created at the corners

Page 7: Magazine Analysis - Kerrang

Cover analysis: Other images

All the other images have been placed on the lower half of the cover so not to draw attention away from the main image, they are also either in black and white or darker colours for this reason too.

The images have been used to show samples of the posters and images to be found inside.

They are anchorage to the cover line ‘stage shots poster special!’

The genre of music is once again emphasised by the images of performances, bands with instruments, long hair, jumping and either slobby or formal attire.

This image is a lot smaller and is used for anchorage more than anything, though could also been seen as a pun to the heading ‘Jesse speaks’ as he appears to be shouting or screaming.

Page 8: Magazine Analysis - Kerrang

Contents page: Content

A house style is once again shown by the use of colour themes and layout with pictures in the upper half and actual articles on the lower half.

The editor is also part of the house style and gives a personal element to the magazine

Each article in the contents is separated in to sections for ease for the reader, the page numbers are found on the left hand side of the article headline and underneath some of these is extra information in a lighter font to not draw to much attention. The cover stories also have there own labels to show importance.

There is also information on signing up for the magazine, this has a different background and contrasting colours to create more attention

Page 9: Magazine Analysis - Kerrang

Splash pages: Content

The use of the image as a back ground gives it the main attention showing the audience of this magazine is a younger one. It also creates anchorage as to who the article is talking about.

The use of the colours black and red connote a passion about something to the audience.

The heading is in a different font and much larger, to capture attention of the reader as is the lead.

‘Lacuna coil’ is again in bold in the article to show importance. The rest of the text is in a simple font to make it more easily legible.

The heading used is a pull quote to show information as to what is in the article to the reader.

There is a fair amount of black space on the pages drawing more attention to the text and image. The image creates the most attention as it runs on to both pages and the text is placed on the lower left hand corner with the text being in a small font, as though not as important.

The article has been separated into two columns to keep with the conventions of a typical article as well as creating easier reading that can be spaced appropriately.