magazine contents page deconstruction

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Magazine contents deconstruction

The first thing that I added on my contents page was the title of contents. To make the link between the front cover and this page I used the same font and colour for it

I then decided that I would add the images in the formation that I wanted it to be in. It was in the same format that was shown on my flat plan.

Then I added the titles on the contents that showed the pages. I also carried the colour of the text from the front cover so that the reader would be able to know that it is from the same magazine. I also decided to use the gridline so that I could perfectly align everything so it looked good.

After I thought that I would add the subheadings for the page numbers so that people could get an insight into what was happening. I used black for the colour as I thought that it stood out against the background.

I then decided to add a graphic in the middle as it filled the space and made the contents look more vibrant. I also put the text in the graphic so the reader would know its importance. I used the same colour as the text saying contents which made it match and look nice together. I used black text colour so that it could stand out to the reader.

The last thing that I decided to add to my contents was the magazine name in small. I did this because I wanted the reader to be able to see the cohesion. I also did it so that there would be a gap that would be filled and so it would look more interesting.