magazine cover deconstruction

Magazine Cover Deconstruction

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7/18/2019 Magazine Cover Deconstruction 1/5

Magazine Cover Deconstruction

7/18/2019 Magazine Cover Deconstruction 2/5

The masthead on this

magazine is placed behind

the main image, this helps

the image stand out more.

The black also stands out

against the white


The main image is Katy

Perry, she is doing a sexy

pose wearing skimpy

clothing. This is to attract

people to buy the

magazine, especially males.

The main coverline

links with the main

image because it tells

you who they are.

The sub-heading is

telling us about Katy

Perry by referencing

one of her songs.

The coverlines on this

magazine are quite small as

they aren’t as important as

the main story. They are

used to show the readers

there are more stories in

the magazine than just the

main one. They are written

in pink and black to stand

out from the whitebackground.

The colour scheme is very plain

but the pink and black go well

together and stand out against

the white background.

7/18/2019 Magazine Cover Deconstruction 3/5

The masthead is

placed behind the

main image, this is so

the image can stand

out more. It is quite

large which makes it

stand out so more

people will be

attracted towards it.

The main image is of

Marisa Miller, she is doinga sexy pose by showing

off her legs. She is

wearing pink which links

with the colour scheme of

the magazine.

The coverlines on

this magazine vary in

size to attract the

readers to certain

stories. This shows

there is a variety of

stories within the

magazine other thanthe main one.

The main coverline linkswith the main image as it

tells us who it is.

The sub-heading tells the

readers more about the

main story without going

into too much detail.

The colour scheme of the magazine is plain but

bright. It has a plain white background but has

bright colours used in the cover lines to help

them stand out and attract readers.

7/18/2019 Magazine Cover Deconstruction 4/5

The masthead is placed in

front of the main image so

that it will be more

noticeable. The colour gold

against white makes it

stand out more.

The main coverline links

with the main image

because it tells you who it is.

The cover lines on this

magazine stand out as they

are in a variety of colours,

red, gold, white and black.

They are used to tell the

reader about the other

stories in the magazine.

The main image for this

magazine is Rita Ora. She

isn’t wearing any clothes

and is doing a sexy pose.

This is to attract morereaders to the magazine,

specifically males.

The colour scheme for

this magazine is using

red, black and gold to

stand out on the white


7/18/2019 Magazine Cover Deconstruction 5/5

Overall Thoughts

• Overall I thought the layout was best on the GQ magazine as it was less crowded

with information and didn’t go into much detail about the stories in the magazine

but showed you there was a variety of different stories, which I think attracts the

readers more. However I liked the colour scheme on the SHAPE magazine as it

included bright colours like yellow to make it stand out more against the white

background. I also liked how on the GQ magazine the masthead was placed infront of the main image so you could see it more clearly which will attract more

people to buy it, especially if the main image is a seductive image.

• For my magazine I will complete the design and layout like the SHAPE magazine as

I think the colours scheme stands out more and attracts more readers.