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Magazine Deconstruction

Kerrang magazine targets mainly male readers who are highly interested in the music style rock/metal/punk/alternative and may even be musicians themselves. We can tell this by the characters on the cover who are in a rock band. The members of the band are male, and so are the majority of solo artists and groups in the magazine. They are also around the age group 18-45 so this would suggest that the magazine is aimed at males of this age group. Although I, a teenage girl bought this magazine, I presume that I am in the minority as this music style appeals more to boys and the magazine is written for them as the audience. I bought the magazine because I am a big fan of the group Fall Out Boy (advertised on the cover at the top) and wanted to read about them. Although I was interested in what the band were getting up to, I didnt feel that how it has been written was aimed at me - a teenage girl, and the rest of the magazine did not really appeal to me whatsoever. It is definitely for a lad who knows all about their music and spends a lot of their time in the mosh pit at gigs, waiting to see where the next one is!

This is a very unique music style - for people who do not follow the typical pop Top 40 chart. Many people do stick with typical music; however rock bands are still being formed and appealing to more and more people all the time especially recently with bands such as blink-182, Fall Out Boy, Paramore and You Me At Six being well known and even sometimes in the chart! As this is a very selective audience, this gives Kerrang the opportunity (which they have taken) to focus in on this style and produce a detailed magazine that is unique unlike your typical music or gossip magazines it focuses on a particular audience and displays the content so well that is the most popular magazine/radio station for this music. The people who play this style of music arent dolled up like pop stars; they arent bothered about a perfect appearance, just the really important part which is the music! They are really down to earth people that we as the audience can relate to. The grunge-like typography used is similar to that used for bands such as Sum 41 and Green Day, so we can instantly relate the music style when we see the cover. The bold colours such as black and red that are used really make the magazine stand out. These are colours often used in punk clothing as punks themselves want to stand out and be different and so we can relate the magazine to this music style too.