magazine deconstruction for jordan

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Similarly to this magazine, I am going to have my title in a bold white font on a coloured background as I feel that it stands out, meaning that it will intrigue people and will be more likely to gain their attention.I also want my film title to be big and in the centre similar to this one, however I have decided that I am going to incorporate my title in to the background of the magazine as I feel it will look effective and will make my magazine unique.I am also going to have my barcode in the bottom right of my magazine; I have decided to place it here as I feel that it is somewhere hidden which wont distract people from the rest of my magazine.

I also want to have some text in the bottom left of my page as I feel that it is a place that peoples eyes are automatically drawn to and will differentiate my magazine slightly as it is most common to have articles subheadings in the left of the centre.I also want to have some smaller bits of text on my magazine; I ideally want to have my price in a smaller text as I feel that if it is too big that it will catch peoples eye too much making them think it is too expensive whereas if it is smaller it wont seem like such a big deal.