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Music magazine- Downbeat The Genre of this music magazine is Jazz, mainly targeted at 30+, both genders. The conventions of this magazine are all included to match it’s particular

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  • 1. The Genre of this musicmagazine is Jazz, mainlytargeted at 30+, both genders.The conventions of thismagazine are all included tomatch its particular audience.

2. The mast head is big bold and white,The main image is a medium long with a bit hidden by his head; thisshot of a famous jazz artist with a suggests its a popular well knownjazz instrument. He is wearing amagazine therefore doesnt need tochequered blazer which suggests show the full title.soul music and quite oldfashioned, appealing to its targetaudience. The background is maroonwhich connotes calm andsoothing (which is like jazzmusic); this appeals to thetarget audience because theyenjoy jazz therefore will like thelook of the front cover of themagazineCover lines are white and bits of The main cover line is in white, yellow and red so they are easy to making it stand out to the darkread. They are also all the same maroon background; attractingtype face and well structured so the readers to it.its easy to follow for the specifictarget audience. 3. The mast head is at the topWhite background allowsshowing the readers what thetext to be seen easily and page consists of. Its is red ascolours of the mast head and well as the cover lines headings;the images stand out.the colour code creates a neater format and looks professional.Structured in acolumned order; makesNumerous images addsit easier to read for thecolour and breaks down thespecific target audience text to avoid formality andand creates a neater to make it look morelayout to the magazine.visually interesting. 4. Image breaks down text, avoids formality, addsBlack and White mast head in colour. the House Style. Recognisable to audience, stands outDark red/maroonbecause of its blackheadings, calming, background.associate with jazzmusic.Unlike a usual magazine,this isnt structured incolumns and looks like abook or newspaper andso looks old fashionedWhite background allows text to which relates to jazzbe seen easily and colours of the music.mast head and the images standout. 5. Type/ focus of Magazine- MusicmagazineEditor- FRANK ALKYERFrequency- MonthlyDate of first publication- 1936Price- 4.78Distribution- book/magazineshops, can order online 6. The genre of this musicmagazine is pop rock/ indierock, mainly targeted atteenagers- early 20s, bothgenders.The conventions of thismagazine are all included tomatch its particularaudience. 7. Bold red mast head- visually interesting, loud colour, attract youths Various different typeface forPuff- colourful, differentcover lines- adds character andtypeface, bold, character avoids formalityand avoids formalityMain image is a close up ofMain cover line bold and yellow-well known artist, colourfulconnotes youth and happiness,makeup, unique styleattracts reader, capitals,influences youths, youngsuggests important story/info inand trendy, styled hair,magazinequirky Barcode small printShaded patterned background, by law adds texture and morecharacter to cover, morevisually interesting for youths 8. Mast head- bold black capitals, dominant part of page, stands outVarious type face- Numerous images- addsvisually interesting, adds colour, visuallycharacter and avoids interesting, breaks cover linesformalityup, avoids formality, attracts youthsColumn- small print,useful info, doesntdominate page, wellstructured Advertisement- in corner, doesnt follow colour code, stands outBold black numbers, matcheswith colour code, easy toread, easy to follow andnavigate particular page foraudience 9. Puffs- black and white,stands out NME LOVESBright blue colour code- attracts targettwo step flow, wantsaudience, blue connotes calm and chilledreaders to love them too(relates to teenagers), dotted around addsa splash of colour, visually interestingMain image- youthsin casualclothes, relate toteenagers, quirky wallStructured layout- blackpaper, colourful, trenbackground, adds moredycolour and makes it lookvisually interestingBanner- blue colour code, Numerous images,stands out, shows Column- information small different shot types,importance (away from print, spread out, well spread out, addsother text and columns) structured, easy to colour, attractswants readers to see it follow/read audience 10. Type/ focus of Magazine- MusicmagazineEditor- Mike WilliamsFrequency- WeeklyDate of first publication- 7 March1952Price- 2.20Distribution- book/magazineshops, can buy a digital magazineonline 11. The genre of music that I am going for is Jazz music. I will use informationfrom this magazine that I have found from Jazz Improv so the content will bebased around Jazz, and will also use props such as a vinyl, saxophones etc.However, I will be using various bright colours (showing its for both genders)and various typeface to attract youths as my target audience is teens/20s.Also for my main image, I will use a young teen to show the music is forpeople around this age range. These are the conventions I got from NME.My aim is to modernise a jazz music magazine to that youths will be attractedto, and to fill a gap in the market as this is a unique idea.