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  • 1. THEMAGAZINEdeconstructionBy Faye Murgatroyd

2. Ultimate aims to beHorror informs the targeteye-catching and audience of the particularThe background colour isenticing the word itself genre that this monthsblack as it conveys elementsgives a sense that thismagazine will be focusing of death and misery, whichedition of REEL NEWS on, which may add to theare often themes seen withinmagazine ismagazines appeal andhorror films.unmissable!perhaps even broaden the target audience demographic. 3. Film Reel used withinthe text REEL makesa direct link with filmtherefore, making the By including a websiteaudience aware that WWW.REELNEWS.COM similar to Empiresthis is a filmicwebsite (see image above) adds authenticity tomagazine. the magazine. It shows that REEL NEWSNEWS suggests magazine is embracing new technology byinformation in this caseincluding a website therefore, they could enticethe audience would link totheir passive readers and perhaps paste trailersthe REEL within the title onto their website to gain opinions or perhapsand assume that thisother peoples reviews of different films, thusmagazine is about newsallowing their target audience to be more activewithin the film employing Web 2.0. 4. GREATEST suggests thisidea that the magazine willinclude the biggest horrorfilms of all time ,which aimsto spark curiosity in theaudience making them askquestions as to what filmsare the greatest horror filmstherefore successfullyenticing the target audiencedemographic.Numbers arefrequently used withinmagazines I chose toinclude a number as itis bold and enticingonce again aims toappeal to the targetaudience withreference to the horrorgenre of film. 5. PLUS given in the form of a list isintended to clearly display otherarticles within the magazine. A new horror film The devil inside me clearly fits into the horror genre. Behind the scenes is meant to hook the reader/audience in as they may be curious as to how the film itself is constructed. I used a well known director who is now directing a Sci-Fi/ Thriller which, links to the horror edition of the magazine therefore, will be aimed at roughly the same audience demographic.Franchises are very popular within the horror genre forexample Final Destination and Saw which, have beenrecently released in 3D. I felt that this was important asit shows how technology is becoming more dominantwithin the filmic world. 6. The title of our film is bold and stands out along theEXCLUSIVE suggests that theblack/dark background thismagazine is showing restricted can be seen across all of ourinformation exclusive to their products. It aims to bemagazine only in effect making the appealing and intriguingaudience feel more inclined to but making the audience askthis magazine. questions for example who or what is taunting who? The font is worn and looks like it has been taunted in someway itself resulting in a distressed font which represents the 7. A monthly magazine Halloween is in Octobergenerally contains therefore, the horrormore information thanedition related to whena weekly magazinethe magazine istherefore, monthly published.magazines are oftendearer.I included a barcode as itadds a sense ofauthenticity to themagazine allowing it tobe scanned whenbrought. 8. A close-up of the maincharacter (the villain)within TAUNTED clearlyconveys elements of thehorror genre. It may leadto the target audiencequestioning who thisdemonic/dark figuretherefore, enticing themto view the film. 9. I used a very useful websiteCBS OUTDOOR where Ifound a very useful advertvisualizer which I think willeffectively market ourmagazine to our targetaudience.Please click on the link below: Thank you for watching!