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2. Mast head is bold, asusual, and significant as The head line is in ait is what draws thecontrasting metallicattention of the reader.silver colour. The onlydifferent coloured fontCover lines are like aon the cover.newspaper, red andblack, and areThe main fonts are sansconsistent. This is the serif for the main style of Q. VeryThe other articles featuredeye-catching and areon the cover are in serifthe main two coloursfont. The strapline quote isof the serif to be formal.Different sized fonts The house style isto create an impact consistent and themagazine follows theusual conventions for aColumns are a contents pagefor consistency Q MAGAZINEFRONT COVER 3. Contents page is a double page spreadRed is the spotcolour. Red,black andwhite workswell together This is my favourite contents page because it works really well: red, white and black with a little bit of grey is good. I will base my contents around Qs contents. Cover story gets its own headliningBody copy is the same font, but with Captions under the articles are boxthe headlines standing out in capitals in a flushed style, not justifiedletters & serifPagination is consistent, same colour asthe article headlines, and house style isstill showing in the contents pageQ magazine contents page 4. Right page is asimplephotography withone pull quote ofWOB (white onblack REVERSED-TYPE, strikingcompared to theusual convention [i.e. on the otherpage])Pull quote is incapitals and aflushed style witha red commentunderneath in aserif font.Drop cap, bold. The fact that there is agutter underneath, the drop-cap is a lotmore striking.An interesting double page spread. I like thewhite space and how the columns do not formto the whole page. Q magazine double page spread 5. Red mast head, which is aThe banner above the mastvery common colour onhead is leaded, spaced a littlemusic magazine mast heads. wider than the other type on the cover.This cover doesnt followNMEs usual conventions andThe fonts are a mixture ofI think that this cover is sans-serif and serif.messy and unattractive. Pull quotes are used once.The artwork is like amagazine/newspaper collage This is my least favourite frontwith cut outs and cardboard. cover because it looks like aI think that the cover is notchild has done it. Magazinesas strong as the other should be neat on the covermagazine covers out there inthe music magazine market.Again there are black and redare the main font colourswith the headlines beingblack on white.NME MAGAZINE FRONT COVER 6. The problem with this Each headline has acontents page is that itcorrespondingbares little resemblancepicture. Pagination isand similarity with the used.front cover, although thecontents page doesThe page is inactually follow the usual columns that areconventions of theeasily to follow andmagazine. work wellIts house style of theBest thing about thiscontents is good. contents is theBody copy is bold.columns and the useof the pictures. I likeRed and black is used this more thanfrequently again by thisKerrang!s one.magazine.Headlines (from thecover) have bold sans-seriffonts whereas the otherarticles have are in seriffonts.The body copy is flushed.NMEMAGAZINECONTENTSPAGE 7. Double pagespread isinteresting becauseit doesnt typicallyuse the coloursfrom the rest of themagazine. Thehouse style isdifferent here.Spot colours areblue and grey andare skewed aroundthe artwork. Thecolumns are inunconventionalshapes whichmakes the doublepage spread a bitmore interesting.Bold fonts.Flushed style. Despite being interesting this is mySidebar of visuals, graphs least favourite double page spread. breaks the conventions ofThe use of white space isThe blue and grey isnt that bold and I the page.good because it is used in a think that it is kind of bland for away where there isnt toodouble page spreadmuch space and it is not toobusy. NME MAGAZINE DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD 8. Kerrang! Front coverComplimentary colours of yellow,blue, red and white on black. Despitethe busy cover the colours work wellKERRANG! Magazine Front covertogether.The mast head is behind the artist(s)featured. The mast head is white,bold and distorted in a metal/rockmusic type of font.There is a banner above the masthead for freebies, enticing the readerto buy the magazine.Cover lines are in black, yellow, whiteand red.The whole covers type face is incapital letters, emphasizes the genreof the music magazine, rock/metal.There are mainly headlines but nopull quotes and there are twosubheadings.Weight is heavy on the cover and thefonts are unjustified.By far my least favourite front cover.It is too busy and it yells at you withall capital letters. I dont like it 9. This is my least Right hand sidefavourite contents column features arepage of the threehighlighted with blackmagazines. It does boxes that arework, because of the justified.KERRANG! MAGAZINE CONTENTS PAGEcolumn on the righthand side, but I dontthink it is as good as Headlines are inQ magazine or NMEscapital againcontents pages. Body copy main font is bold. Some features/news have subsidiary headlines, information about the article itself 10. Image is in the middle of thepagesDoesnt follow the house styleor conventions of the rock-ystyle of Kerrang! but is a goodaddition to the magazineFont is justified but indentedto allow the reader to readand find the next paragrapheasier.Black white and red arehighlighted here throughoutBox panels are usedA nice contrast compared to thecover, classy like Q magazine.This double page spread is jointfavourite with Qs double pagespreadThis double page spread worksCaptions in italic handwrittenwell and I think that this is my fontfavourite double page spreadout of the three.Sidebox is in vivid red with black and white font. ThisDrop caps are in red and are eye works really wellcatchingSerif headline of black and red 4 different fonts, 2 sans, 2 serif Body copy is serif KERRANG! MAGAZINEagainDOUBLE PAGE SPREAD