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Magento 2 was first announced way back when in 2010, but a lot can change in IT over four years. There was not a lot of noise from the Magento camp until October 2013. Now there is a public repository with updates published weekly. In this talk we'll have a look at the current technical status, make a comparison to the first version of Magento and review the road ahead.


  • 1. Magento 2 Tobias Zander

2. Developers Paradise 2010 Voav Kutner: Finally, the platform is mature enough where its requiring a new version. 3. 6th June 2011 My 29th birthday! 4. 6th June 2011 eBay acquires Magento 5. October 2011 Public version control 6. 2012 7. 2012 2013 and a lot of open questions 8. Since 4th October 2013 Weekly pushes to github 9. Disclaimer All public information And some personal opinions Im not Magento Were Sitewards 10. Frontend 11. Layout configuration Multiple files Fallbacks Melding Container Arguments Move 12. Backend PHP 5.4 / PHP 5.5 PSR-0, 1, 2 Namespaces XSD New file structure 13. Dependency Injection Constructor XML configuration Factories Proxies Interceptors Object Manager 14. Livecoding! 15. Testing 2.500 Integration tests 5.500 Unit tests 170 JS Unit tests 150 Static tests 9 Performance tests 16. Migration Possible Documentation Automation? 17. Whats in there for a retailer? Economical CI Streamlined code customization Features Easier product management Full Page Cache Design Editor 18. Roadmap I dont know Imagine! 19. Ressources m2devgde/V1.0.0.0/Default.htm 20. Questions? 21. Sitewards Barcamp IV We want you! 6th june 2014 11am Free beer and bbq! 22. 23. Thanks! @airbone42