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History and Important Landmarks found along the route of the Magic City Half Marathon & 5K in Birmingham, AL.


  • the race just behind home plate.

    All finishers will receive a cus-

    tom Magic City Half Marathon

    medal which is sure to be one of

    your favorites to add to your


    The Magic City Half Marathon

    will make a move to beautiful

    Regions Field in 2014. Home of

    the 2013 Southern League

    Champion Birmingham Barons,

    Regions Field will make the per-

    fect backdrop for this 4th year

    event. Athletes will find the Half

    Marathon course to be fast with

    only 350 feet of vertical eleva-

    tion gain. Aid stations will be

    spaced every two miles and the

    energy along the route will truly

    make this a magical event for

    our runners and the entire city

    of Birmingham. The final 0.1

    mile will be nothing short of

    spectacular as runners will

    enter through the center field

    tunnel before stepping foot onto

    the warning track of Regions

    Field. Then it is a victory lap

    around the field before finishing

    Special points of interest:

    Start and Finish at

    Beautiful Regions Field

    Flat and Fast Down-

    town Birmingham


    USAT&F Certified

    Craft Beer Garden at

    the Finish

    Finisher BLING

    The 5K (3.1)

    The Half Marathon (13.1)

    Inside this issue:

    History Along the Half 2-4

    History Along the 5K 5

    Course Maps 6

    Elevation Maps 7

    Event Fact Sheet 8

    Our Charity Partner 9

    Our Sponsors 10

    5Kers will also end their jour-

    ney by entering the field

    through the center field tunnel

    before being greeted by the

    beautifully manicured grass and

    the welcome sound of warning

    The Magic City 5K will be

    FAST!!!! Only 70 feet of total

    elevation gain will separate you

    from the finish line as you start

    your race next to beautiful Rail-

    road Park and Regions Field.

    track beneath your feet. Girls

    on the Run is again partnered

    with the 5K bringing over 300 of

    their runners to the start line.

    If you are looking for a PR THIS

    is the 5K for you!!!

    November 23, 2014Regions FieldBirmingham, AL

    Benefiting the Ruben Studdard Foundation for Advancement of Children in the Musical Arts

    The Magic City Half Marathon & 5K 2014

  • Birmingham, AL is a cornerstone

    in the history of the Southeast.

    With a beginning in the steel and

    mining industries, Birmingham

    quickly grew into prosperity at

    the turn of the 20th century.

    This sudden economic growth

    earned the city the nickname

    The Magic City. Today, eco-

    nomic growth is being seen once

    againthis time in the medical

    and financial fields as Birming-

    ham is poised for another eco-

    nomic upswing. Leading the way

    is the vast renovation of the

    downtown area.

    The Magic City Half Marathon is

    proud to call downtown Birming-

    ham home and we are thrilled to

    showcase a plethora of history

    along our route. Right alongside

    the history are monuments to

    advancement that are quickly

    making their own mark on the

    Birmingham landscape. Here we

    highlight the history of our route

    and show you, the runner, why

    our course is so important to

    this community.

    The original course remains in-

    tact today (although the start

    and finish lines have changed)

    and course designer Danny

    Haralson is credited with the

    foresight of making sure our

    runners get to see so much of

    the city we call home. We hope

    you enjoy the route as much as

    we do!!!

    shows, youth programs and

    more. Runners will pass by

    their corporate offices be-

    tween miles 2 and 3.


    ORCHESTRA was founded in

    1921 with a single perform-

    ance by a group of volunteer

    musicians. Today, ASO a

    community force offering

    1. TIN ROOF is well known in

    the Running Community as a

    runner friendly watering

    hole with amazing local

    beers and custom made



    COMPANY provides the best

    theatrical experience in

    downtown Birmingham with

    more than 20 free perform-

    ances per yeor the children

    of Birmingham.

    4. SIDE BAR CAFE is a fantas-

    tic restaurant serving some

    of Birminghams freshest

    burgers and authentic Mexi-

    can cuisine. We also recom-

    mend stopping in for a

    breakfast that cant be beat.

    MILES 3-4 (Lakeview, Avondale)

    2. RAILROAD PARK is an

    award-winning 19 acre

    green-space adjacent to

    Regions Field. You can al-

    ways find something fun

    going on within the park.

    Runners will start alongside

    the Park and run the length

    of the park before making

    the first turn.


    BIRMINGHAM is nearly a

    mile of the Half Marathon

    course. UAB became an

    autonomous institution in

    1969 and today is one of the

    largest academic medical

    centers in the country. UAB

    is also the states largest


    MILES 1-2 (Regions Field, Medical Center District)

    1. REGIONS FIELD is home of

    the 2013 Southern League

    Champion Birmingham Bar-

    ons. Barons Baseball in

    Birmingham dates back to

    1885, and Regions Field

    opened its gates on April 10,

    2013. Stadium Capacity is

    8,500. Runners will start

    and finish at Regions Field.

    The History of a Magical 13.1 Miles...

    Page 2 The Magic City Half Marathon & 5K

    The Magic City Half

    Marathon was

    simply amazing!

    The organizers,

    volunteers, police

    all made this a truly



  • 5. AVONDALE PARK marks the

    turn around point (Mile 3) of

    the Half Marathon course.

    This 36.5-acre park boasts a

    mature rose garden and

    amphitheatre. Be sure to look

    down 41st St as you make the

    turn to find Avondale Brewing

    Co, Post Office Pies and

    Saws Soul Kitchen.

    6. THE PARKSIDE CAFE is yet

    another eclectic find in the up

    and coming Birmingham

    scene. Parkside offers great

    drinks, live music and a large

    outdoor patio that is perfect

    for that cold post-run bever-


    7. SLOSS FURNACES is a Na-

    tional Historic Landmark built

    in the 1880s and produced

    pig-iron and steam for

    nearly 90 years. Today

    Sloss Furnaces is home to a

    variety of special events

    including runs, corporate

    events, and beer and music

    festivals. Look to your left off

    the 35th St Bridge (the

    Rumpshaker Bridge) to see

    Sloss looming above the city


    3. The Boutwell Memorial

    Auditorium is a 5,000 seat

    arena built in 1924. It is

    currently owned by the city

    of Birmingham and was

    once home to the Birming-

    ham Power professional

    basketball team. Boutwell

    Auditorium is also the origi-

    nal home of the Magic City

    Half Marathon & 5K.

    4. Linn Park and the Munici-

    pal Center of Birmingham

    are bound by Rev Abraham

    Woods Jr Blvd and 20th St

    North. Linn Park, once

    named Capital Park, sits in

    the center of City Hall and

    the Jefferson County Court-


    5. The Birmingham Museum

    of Art is next to the Bout-

    well Auditorium and houses

    one of the finest art collec-

    tions in the southeast. The

    museums collection of

    Asian art is considered the

    finest in the southeast, while

    the collection of Vietnamese

    Ceramics is touted the fin-

    est in the US.

    6. The Alabama School of

    Fine Arts is positioned at

    the 10K point along the half

    marathon route and is home

    to 350 of Alabamas finest

    young creative minds.

    7. A.H. Parker High School

    can be seen at mile 7 and is

    a beautiful newly con-

    structed high school for

    1,000 students grades 9-12.

    The Thundering Herd re-

    cently won the AHSAA Class

    5A State Basketball Champi-


    MILES 5-7 (Messer Highway, Rev Abraham Woods Jr Blvd)

    1. The Original Magic City

    Sign once reigned over

    Terminal Station. Terminal

    Station was the primary

    station for passenger train

    travel until the 1950s when

    train travel declined

    sharply. Runners will pass

    through the tunnel at the

    corner of 26th St North and

    5th Ave North where the

    sign was originally located.

    2. Jones Valley Teaching

    Farm is not just a place

    where food grows; it is a

    place where young minds

    blossom. With a goal to

    educate 10,000 students

    annually JVTF is focused on

    empowering future genera-

    tions with the knowledge to

    eat smarter, think healthier

    and live better.

    MILES 3-4 (Lakeview, Avondale) continued...

    Page 3 The Magic City Half Marathon & 5K

    I never knew how

    much fun Birmingham

    could be. The food,

    the music, the

    landscape the whole

    city is alive and


    I love this place!

  • 1. LEGION FIELD is a massive

    landmark that runners will


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