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  • Work with us

  • At magnify, we make our clients businesses work better.

    If you can do that and if you have proven business acumen and wonderful people skills we may just have the best job in the world for you.

    One of the toughest things to be in business is objective. To step back and look at whats good, whats bad, and what can and must change to make things better.

    We do it by solving problems, grasping opportunities, finding brand-new ways of working or just making the old ways more efficient.

    We can do it because were great at seeing the wood for the trees. And we need more people to join us so we can service a fast-expanding list of blue-chip clients in industry, retail, construction, financial services, health care, government and many other fields, in the private, public and charitable sectors.

  • Our approach when we work with a new client is to assemble a team of appropriate and always brilliant people. So if the client is in the hotel industry, we might assign a magnify person with hotel experience. But equally, we might bring in that guy who used to manage the heavy metal act. Because finding brilliant solutions sometimes depends on mixing safe with surprising.

    Thats because we dont go out to recruit people whove trained or worked as business consultants or mentors. (If you have, it might be very useful, but youll need more than that to satisfy us.)

    Youll need to show us you can transform businesses. You might already have saved a failing firm, or made a great company greater. Maybe you have a traditional business skill but equally, you might be an expert on farming salmon, or managing rock bands. Were interested in seeing evidence of a visionary ability to solve problems and get things done.

    No two days are alike at magnify, and no two members of our team share exactly the same skills or responsibilities.

    What do you look like? We couldnt rightly say.

  • Theres a pattern emerging here, dont you think?

    Thats because we partner with some of the most innovative and exciting businesses in the world.

    magnify has a brilliant track record when it comes to winning projects and building relationships, locally and globally. With our high profile and excellent reputation, we can open doors that are usually closed to individuals and freelancers, however skilled or experienced. Thats a key advantage of working with a team of respected sector experts with a shared vision and a single, well-defined brand. Its the advantage of working with us.

    We cant say precisely who you are, who youll be working with, where youll be doing it or how well engage with you. Thats because every assignment is unique, and so is every potential colleague.

    You can get an idea of what weve done recently on our website. But really, we should talk. If youre intrigued by what youve read here, drop us an email, and we may arrange to take it further.

    If youre the kind of visionary were looking for, well see you soon.

    Working with us is all about more.

    More rewards, more challenges, more satisfaction and more fun.

    Visit us at or give us a call on 0203 675 9950

  • t: 0203 675 9950 e: [email protected]