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2. OBJECTIVES To know the core values, vision and mission To understand the internal and externalenvironment in which Coca Cola operates. To understand the future prospects ofdifferent products To identify and characterize the differentgrowth strategies used by Coca Cola To know about the Coca-Cola Companysstrategies management process 3. COMPANY OVERVIEWType Soft Drink (Cola)Manufacturer The Coca- Cola CompanyFounder (s)John S. PembertonCountry of OriginUnited StatesIntroduced 1886Area ServedOver 200 countriesFlavorsCola, Cola Green Tea, Cola Lemon, Cola Lemon Lime, Cola Lime, Cola Orange and Cola Raspberry.Employees92,400Servings per Day 1.6 Billion 4. Coca-Cola was first sold to the public inAtlanta at Jacobs Pharmacy Only 9 servings of the soft drink were soldeach day Sales for the first year were only $50 Today it has 3000 brands-200 nations 5. VISION People: Be a great place to work where people are inspired to be the best theycan be. Portfolio: Bring to the world a portfolio of quality beverage brands thatanticipate and satisfy peoples desires and needs. Partners: Nurture a winning network of customers and suppliers, together wecreate mutual, enduring value. Planet: Be a responsible citizen that makes a difference by helping build andsupport sustainable communities. Profit: Maximize long-term return to shareowners while being mindful of ouroverall responsibilities Productivity: Be a highly effective, lean and fast-moving organization. 6. MISSION To refresh the world in body, mind and spirit To inspire moments of optimism through our brands and our actions To create value and make a difference everywhere we engage. VALUES Leadership: The courage to shape a better future Collaboration: Leverage collective genius Integrity: Be real Accountability: If it is to be, its up to me Passion: Committed in heart and mind Diversity: As inclusive as our brands Quality: What we do, we do well 7. Coca-Cola Bottles1894 was the first time Coca-Cola was bottled1894- early 1900s1905-19161915- today 8. EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT POLITICAL ANALYSISENVIRONMENTAL ANALYSISECONOMICANALYSISPESTLE ANALYSIS LEGAL SOCIO-ANALYSISCULTURALANALYSISTECHNOLOGYANLYSIS 9. INDUSTRY ANALYSIS The food and beverage industry encompassesharvesting, processing, milling, packaging, transport anddistribution of products to consumers. In 1999, the value of food and beverage industry shipmentsreached an estimated $487 billion. The needs that customer might be seeking to satisfy are: Physiological: the need of special food items Economic: the need for good value for the price paid Social: a friendly atmosphere, to express feelings frankly Psychological: the need for enhancement of selfesteem Convenience: the desire for someone else to do the work. 10. PORTERs FIVE FORCEs MODEL Potential entrants Threat of new entrantsBargaining power Industry competitors of suppliersSuppliersBuyersRivalry among Bargaining powerexisting firmsof buyersThreat of substitutes Substituteproducts 11. COMPANY ANALYSISREVENUEyears2011201020092008 2007Revenue46.54B 35.12B 30.99B 31.94B 28.86BGross profit 28.33B 22.43B 19.90B 20.57B 18.54Boperating income 10.15B 8.499B 8.231B 8.446B 7.252BNet income 8.572B 11.81B 6.824B 5.807B 5.981B 12. coca others 5%35% 60% 13. Product Portfolio of CCI 14. others15% coca cola17%kinley 11%sprite 10% thums up 36% limca11% 15. STRATEGIES Differentiated Marketing Customer satisfaction Endorsement of celebrities Reasonably priced Consumer connecting advertisements Availability in every local market 16. Future plans Increasing the per capita consumption of itsbeverages Expanding its distribution networks Leading the beverage revolution in India 17. COMPETITORS 18. Competitors Analysis Competitors: PepsiCo, Parle Agro Products Pepsi gives tough fight with almost similarinvestment, advertisement, Strategies andProducts Parle resurges with refreshing drinks as AppyFizz, Fruity, LMN PepsiCo also has a snack product line includingLays, Cheetos and Quaker OATs PepsiCo provide carbonated drinks, Fruit Drinksand Packaged Drinking Water. 19. Comparison of financial highlightsCOMPANY NAMECoca colaPepsi.coProfit Margin 33.768046 10.958194Asset Turnover0.577 1.071Return on Assets19.506218 11.736928Earning Per Share 5.123.97 20. Comparison b/w Coke vs. Pepsislicecola20%pepsi 35%45% thum mazzasup80%20%mirinda 25%fanta 75% 21. lemon mirinda 7up20%25%sprite limca 75%80%Aquafina20%evervess kinley50% 50% kinely80% 22. STRATEGIC FORMULATION 23. STRENGTHS- Strong brand image- Financially stable-Strong distribution channel-Heavy promotionalactivities-70% revenue-outside USAWEAKNESS -Health care issues. -Product offering restricted to beverages -Inability to launch new product. 24. OPPORTUNITIES- Large domestic market-Export potential-- Alliances and MergesTHREATS- Changing consumerspreference-legal issues-competition (Pepsi)-Large number of substitutes- Increased prices of rawmaterials 25. BCG MATRIX OF COCA-COLA 26. QuestionMark HIGH STARBUSINESSGROWTHRATELOW CASH DOGCOWHIGHLOWMARKET SAHRE 27. REFERENCES