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Maintaining a Joomla Website

Maintaining a Joomla WebsiteSydney Joomla User Group

Presented by Tim Plummer

Client doesnt see value in ongoing maintenanceI dont have time to maintain the siteHow much should I charge?What regular tasks should I do?

Maintenance challenges you may face

What if you dont maintain a site?

Site becomes vulnerableSite gets hackedAngry customerJoomla gets bad reputation

Educate them as to why website needs to be maintainedKeep website operating in peak conditionPatch security vulnerabilitiesDisaster recovery

Client doesnt see value

Would you buy a car and never service it?

There are tools available that can help automate some of the maintenance tasks and save you timeCharge enough to make it worth your whileConsider leveraging cheaper offshore resources

I dont have time

Different ways to priceInclude maintenance in project costAnnual maintenance percentage (eg. 10% of project cost)Fixed monthly rate

How much should I charge?

Daily offsite backupDisaster recovery planSoftware updates (core & third party extensions)Website monitoringSupport

What maintenance tasks should I do?

PPC (Pay Per Click) advertisingContent marketing / strategySocial media campaigns

What should I exclude?

Akeeba Backup professionalAmazon S3Daily/weekly cron to trigger backup

Daily offsite backups

TEST YOUR BACKUPUntested = no backup

In the event of something going wrong, have a plan to restore backup and recover site

Disaster recovery

Keep Joomla core version up-to-dateKeep extension versions up-to-date

Software updates

Do you bundle subscriptions in maintenance cost?Client doesnt need to worry about ongoing subscription costs for extensions usedDepending on licence, you may be able to use for other clients at no extra cost

Software subscriptions

Apply the latest best practice recommendationsCan use tools to check basic settings

Site audits

Support to help client maintain content some developers include up to 30mins per month in their maintenance fee


Monitor when core files changedIs there an update available for an extension?Uptime/downtime

Website monitoring

Most of these items, the client doesnt have visibility of, so they may not feel they are getting value for money.Monthly report showing what you have done/improvedExtensions updatedAverage backup sizeOther minor improvements

Does client see value?

Each month, focus on one small change to make all your client sites betterSEO improvementupdate meta dataAdd a sitemapUpdate robots.txtSecurity auditUpdate/improve .htaccess

What else can you do to add value?

Watchful.liGet notified when core files changedGet notified of extension updatesSingle interface to update multiple sitesSite auditMyjoomla.comSecurity auditBF SEOImprove organic SEO

Tools to make this easier