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  • 1. Maitland Planning & Zoning CommissionJos Carlos Ayala, CNUaJanuary 3, 2013

2. Horatio Avenue looking east at the corner of Maitland Avenue Circa 1885 3. Train Depot southeast corner of Maitland Ave.. Maitland Railroad Station Circa 1885 4. Thoroughfare Catchments to Mile Pedestrian Shed Mile Legend: North O rlando Avenue Trac Light Intersection Maitland Avenue Trac Light Intersection Mile Intersections/connections to thoroughfares Maitland Boulevard North Orlando Avenue Roadway Network 5. N. Orlando AvenueNorth Orlando Avenue (Highway 17-92) Existing Thoroughfare Section 6. Civilized N. Orlando Avenue Proposed Boulevard Section Within Existing R/W 7. Civilized N Orlando Ave Thoroughfare SunRail Station Mercedes-Benz / Smart Dealership Proposed Boulevard Section Plan View 8. Civilized N Orlando Ave ThoroughfareProposed Boulevard Perspective 9. Bicycle CatchmentsLegend: Bike Path Roadway Bike Lanes Proposed Roadway Bike Lanes Roadway/Bike Share Lane Maitland Boulevard 10. Development Sites Mixed Use Development TOD Luxury Apartments 1,200 Sq. Ft. Middle Income Apartments 1,000 Sq. Ft. Luxury Condominiums (Uptown Maitland - ACi Development) Townhomes 1,500 Sq. Ft. JCC Active Lifestyle Apartments 1,000-1,200 Sq. Ft. Retail/Oce Space 11. Proposed Development Pedestrian Shed Civilized N. Orlando Avenue Emphasis on Maitland Ave. Human Scale Development Prominent Sidewalks Preservation of neighborhood character Water amenities centered on human interactions Preservation of existing prominent oce buildings. 12. Goals: Decrease walking distance to SunRail Station Minimize impacts on surrounding residential zones Result: Pedestrian cut-through pathways 13. Uptown Maitland (ACi Development)Acres5.6Water Amenity 1.12Retail/Oce Sq. Ft. 0DU / 1,000 Sq Ft.250Parking Spaces375Retail Parking Spaces 0 14. Village South Village North Mercedes-Benz Site Acres6.8 Water Amenity 1 Retail/Oce Sq. Ft.42000 DU / 1,000 Sq Ft.199 Parking Spaces684 Retail Parking Spaces384 15. The Landmark Courtyard The Landmark, Winter Park Granada Court, Winter Park 16. SunRail Station SiteMaitland SunRail Station Acre8.493 Water Amenity1.69 Coffe Bar / Market Sq. Ft.5000 DU / 1,200 Sq Ft.558 Parking Spaces 837 Retail Parking Spaces 15 FDOT Parking Space 125 17. Alys Beach, Florida 18. Alys Beach, Florida 19. Robinhood DriveRobinhood Drive North Acre2.5 Water Amenity 0.5 DU / 1,200 Sq Ft.108 Parking Spaces 162Robinhood Drive South Acre 3.73 Water Amenity0.75 DU / 1,200 Sq Ft.144 Parking Spaces 216 20. Proposed DevelopmentMaitland Ave. - Marion Way NorthAcre1.35Water Amenity 0.27DU / 1,200 Sq Ft. 60Parking Spaces45Maitland Ave. - Marion Way SouthAcre2.42Water Amenity 1.11DU / 1,200 Sq Ft. 84Parking Spaces 126 21. Marion Way Marion Way NorthAcre0.61Water Amenity 0.12DU / 1,200 Sq Ft. 36Parking Spaces54 Marion Way SouthAcre0.65Water Amenity 0.13DU / 1,200 Sq Ft. 48Parking Spaces72 22. Proposed DevelopmentSybelia AvenueAcre 1.43Water Amenity0.28DU / 1,200 Sq Ft.90Parking Spaces 135 Orlando AvenueAcre 2Water Amenity0.4Retail/Office Sq. Ft.30,000DU / 1,200 Sq Ft.74Parking Spaces135Retail Parking Spaces90 23. Proposed Community and Activity Center JCC Site Acre6 Water Amenity14,250 Retail/Office Sq. Ft.19,800 DU / 1,200 Sq Ft. 171 Parking Spaces257 Retail Parking Spaces 60 Marion Way North Acre 0.61 Water Amenity0.12 DU / 1,200 Sq Ft.36 Parking Spaces 54Marion Way South Acre 0.65 Water Amenity0.13 DU / 1,200 Sq Ft.48 Parking Spaces 72 24. 3 Story Town Homes 25. 3 Story Apartments 26. Development ProgramMaitland SunRail StationDevelopment Program Totals Acreage 58.383 Water Amenity12 Retail/Service Sq. Ft.96,800 DU 1000-1500 Sq. Ft. 2151 Parking Spaces 3592 Retail Parking Spaces 549 FDOT Parking Spaces 125 27. Questions?