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<ul><li><p>Special Event InvitationMaking 2011 your best year yet </p><p>Special Guest Speaker Tami Bonnell</p><p>Tuesday, March 22: 1:00 3:00pm</p><p>Location: Embassy suitEs minnEapoLis airport 7901 34th avenue south, bloomington, minneapolis 55425 </p><p>rEfrEshmEnts wiLL bE sErvEd </p><p>rsvp: bill pankonin - (612) 414-4022 or </p><p>In this ever changing Real Estate world we live in the only way to survive is to embrace change and take an ongoing action oriented approach to education. There will be significant changes in the Real Estate Industry in the coming years that will affect everything we do including how we do business, how we market properties, how we connect with clients, and pretty much everything else we do on a daily basis. </p><p>No one has better understanding of where the Real Estate Industry is heading than Tami Bonnell, the President of U.S. Operations of EXIT Realty Corp. International. She is a thirty-year veteran and was instrumental in building three major brands. Among her many achievements, she was recognized by real estate trend-watcher, Stefan Swanepoel, as one of the 100 Most Influential Women in Real Estate.</p><p>Ms Bonnell has been a featured speaker at the national association of rEaLtors convention to the Top 500 Power Brokers, the womens council of rEaLtors, Inman News Connect Conference and the rismedias Leadership conference. She was recently named a Finalist in the category of best Executive in a service business by the stevie awards for women in business, the worlds premier awards for women in the workplace. Along with several other national and local speaking engagements, Ms Bonnell hosts quarterly webinars educating the general public on real estate issues. </p><p>She is a wife, mother of three and grandmother of three. In her spare time she is a martial artist, coach, judge and referee. Ms Bonnell has been the president of the u.s. organization of EXit realty corp. international since 2001.</p><p>tami bonnELL - President, U.S. Operations of EXIT Realty Corp. International</p></li></ul>