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1. NameMAKE IT HAPPEN JOURNAL HTTP://MRHSTMARYDG.WIKISPACES.COM/T3LEVEL2MAKEITHAPPEN 2. List the things we like to play with Where did it come from? Who made it? How did they make it? What materials were used?I Play withMaterials Used 3. INVESTIGATIONS OF WEBSITES 4. RESEARCH FINDINGS QuestionQuestionQuestion 5. TELLEGAMI FISH RACER 6. MY LEGO CHARACTER 7. MY HOUSE DESIGN What is the Activity? It is a house that we built. What materials do we need? We need bricks for the walls, plaster for the walls. We need glass for windows. We need cement for floors. We need wood for doors and frame. We put it together by laying foundations then pouring a cement floor then building the frame with wood. We then use plaster and bricks for the walls and tiles for the roof. 8. BUILDING MATERIALS 9. MY DESIGN