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“Hey, just throwing it out there but would you be open to exploring a side project that doesn’t interfere with what you are currently doing?”


  • 1. DISTURBANCE CALLS TALKINGPay attention this might change your life!

2. :uuu_: , 4;]. Success lies in developing and utilizing a NEWTREND to grow. F I 3. . .'l Let's have a look on the Trends around usMl| IIii'>; 1 w {7 i'. .u. ..v. ..u. -vVideo emailing brought them to the NEXT LEVEL of their individual and professional success3* Business Professionals Q Photographers 'r Small Business Owners Q Videographers 0* Online TutorsInternet Marketers $ Sales People at Network MarketersIts time for you to START using the benefits of Video emails 15. Who should use Video Emails ? .-V EDIE! -yvu are insice me,I I, ysii are arr; E': id me.ion/ y see youwhere i go, because mere )8 nothing in our universe>I loveexcepi you nd ne 16. ac#2/Ltv '3 'k"-11:; Lw.-Wm/ W .V . _%narha V C) 17. Who should use Video Emails ?~'-r."T nY? '1A,W. I!r 1- - I., _ 1 r Ir"-v-*r~v. n-vw-o= ~v'rw-= - 18. Our Product Packages s _ lilllcllilllllll Basic Video Professional Enterprise Email Pack Pack Pack- Quick access to contacts.. . . ;do - Instant video emails set up ,6) _ _ "~ E - .Analyze internet marketing statistics | _ " | : ~J K F.K] I:i - Access ready to use pre-designed templates .3 ._.~, ii'_i, _i= ! ' 19. 7.;Masterminds ChoiceThe Alpha PackMasterminds Group- An extensive 3 nights & 4 days training session with world's best of the best Trainers,coaches and high performance experts- How about a TRAINING session while you board a Cruise at Bahamas or at any exotic place on earth .7?- A retreat to reveal the paradigms of success 20. LEARNERS PACK(EASY ACCESS} 5100Video Email Features100 Templates 100 VidMail per month Basic TemplatesWeekly Mail view reportsAdvertisements on VidMai|by our Ad-ExchangeCompensation Structure Direct 1096 Binary 10%PV 100Daily Capping S000 PVPersorralbevelopmerrtsessionsINTERMEDIATE PACK(MARKETER5 CHOICE } 5200Video Email Features500 Templates 500 VidMai|per month Advanced Templates with designingWeekly Mall view reportsAdvertisements on VidMaiI by our Ad-ExchangeCompensation Structure Direct 2096 Binary 10%PV 200Daily Capping 5000 PVPersarrdneveloprnerrtsesslansPROFESSIONAL PACK(CREATIVE PEOPLE'S PACK)$400Video Email Features1000 4 Templates Unlimited VidMai|per month Custom templates (with additional desngmoq tools)Weekly Mall view reports Advertisements on VidMail by our AdExchangeCompensation Structure Direct 2596 Binary 10%PV 400Daily Capping 5000 PVPersanalbeveloprrreritsessiorisMASTERMIND PACK(MAI! 'TINGoPEI1SON4I. DVEI. DPMENU$5000Video Email FeaturesUnlimited Templates {Whenever We Launch New.They Will be Added! Unlimited dMai|per monthCustom templates (whit additional designing toolklWeekly Mail view reportsAdvertisements on VidMai|by our Ad-ExchangeCompensation StructureDirect 5096Binary 10%W 5000DAILY CAPPINGSlab 1 10,000 PV Slab 2 20,000 Pv Slab 3 50,000 PVPersonal Development SessionsTo Be Held In Exotic Places Around The World.Training,coaching with High Performance experts Local S'ght Seeing Included Five Star Hotel Stay , Meals ,Training Cost (All lndusive).I You or-Ir Mia ''-IlV'SN|4 Show-'-vi 21. T f '.:i '. :i' i" i:Q ' llllllillllllllPublisher Income Allow companies to Advertise on yourVideoVideo Email Afliate /Distributor IncomeSell Products and Services to other people globally f 22. 1.:Earn as a Publisher ileougg. ... . r. ... .., ..s,W Van t. . . Send a Video Email with an advertisementStep 1Your friend views the Video Email and the AdvertisementStep 2This Email is forwarded to lots of peoplestep 3 by your friends and by their friendsThe advertiser then pays you for your contribution in PUBLISHING the advertisement to many peopleStep 4@000You earn as soon as you start using Video Emails,Averagely you make $5 per I000 Views to $10 per 1000 views (However - this is a rough calculation,actual shall be narrated during the launch event of the company) 23. f v: I"x I 5: m| :1TI, I I:& VIDCIIMM4VidcommX is virtually a money making machine - nd below various platforms where you can make this concept work1- my -' '71 1%:{it '~ - X- -hYou can also make money fromOnline Advertisement Video Communications Ads Exchange This is what we call FUTURE of Online Technology 24. Affiliate Activation feeMonthly Subscription~r r i. , 1 $ixVidCommX Ailiate AccountSubscribe nowand start getting your publisher income ,direct referral commissions andteam income based onyour product usage ,sales madeby you and your teams ! 56* vo AiliateActivation feeYearly Subscription4 9iI. " T?; T 3 T ;$ -5 I v I" I; VidCommX Affiliate AccountA Hassle free Monthly affiliate activation fee to activate your VidCommX affiliate business for 1 year at $20 yearly discount INo Need for any monthly remindersActivate now and start getting your publisher income ,direct referral commissions and team income based on your product usage ,sales made by you and your teams ! 25. 7:. Affiliate Income Compensation PlanlllllllllllVidcommx is presenting a Dual Earning Potential Earn Twice every time you work! 26. 7Referral Income "9!! !You earn a commission byjust directly adding a person in your TEAMReferral Income MatrixProduct Name Product Cost Direct Referral Slab X.1 T $100 T 10% X.2 T $200 T 20% X.3 T $400 T 25% a T $5000 T 50%Become a LEADERBuild your own team 27. fa Referral Income - Illustrated V5 "939!! !Your own Product Value signies the Commission percentage of your referral income form your team 25% Referral Commission for all product PV Value 28. (1: Referral Income - Multiplication FormulaIlllllllYour Referral Income increases based on the Product you have50% 50%50% You earn while you grow And you grow while you earn50% Referral Commission for all product PV Value 29. 7:: Team Matching Income V "99!! !Product Name Product Cost Daily Team Income Capping Matching Rule X.1 T $100 1 .l x.2 a $200 $500 - X.3 m $400 ~ _ a $5000 $1000, $2000 & $5000 200 PV :200 PV =$20 Daily Pair matching for100 Pvs earned anyhow will notTeam Matching Bonusis counted @10% be ushed X.1,X.2 & X.3 of the matched but will remain caps @ 5000 PVs PV value till it matches (25 Pairs) dailyOne cannot earn PVs of higher packages in this tree,higher than PVs of his own product (1 PV =1 $) 30. 1 Team Matching Income - Case 1 - Illustrated & V "9!! !Left Team GROW YOUR TEAM Right Team 9 EARN MORE 9Total PV @ Left Side T Total PV @ Right Side400 + 100 =500 PV l 400 + 200 =600 PV400 PV 400 PVPV Match =400 PV from Left and Right 100 pv We get 10% of 400 PV =$40 200 pvMatching Rule 1:1 of 200 PV 31. 7:. Team Matching Income - Case 2 - IllustratedlllllllllllLeft Team Right Team PV Match =600 PV from Left and Right We get 10% of 600 PV =$60 Total PV @ Left Side Total PV @ Right Side 400 + 200 + 200 =500 PV 400 + 100 + 200 =700 PV 600 PV matches 600 PV matches 200 carry forward 100 carry forward T T 5000 PV T T 400 PV & & 400 PV 200 PV 200 PV 100 PV 200 PVMatching Rule 1:1 of 200 PV 32. 7.: Team Matching Income - Case 3 - IllustratedlllllllllllLeft Team Right Team PV Match =200 PV from Left and Right We get 10% of 200 PV =$20 Total PV @ Left Side Total PV @ Right Side 100+100=200PV 100+100=200PV 100 PV 200 PV 200 PV 50000 PV Matching Rule 1:1 of 200 PV 400 PVOne can only get PV's maximum equal to his own package E. g: X.1 can not get more than 100 PV from any product sales 33. 7.: Team Matching Income - Case 4 - Illustrated - The Power Play Incoma Left Team Right Team Total PV @ Left Side Total PV @ Right Side =800 PV 5000 Pv =5900 PV 800 PV matches l 800 PV matches NO carry fon/ vard 5100 PV carry forward 400 PV 400 PV W 200 PV 200 PV 100 PV 200 PV 5 E T Q PV Match =800 PV from Left and Right 3 We get 10% of 800 PV =$80 N I 50000 PV zoo PV G A .T M Matching Rule 1:1 of 200 PV E A You may also notice that the left side is now "WEAKER" and the right side is "STRONGER" Mideally U should give more focus on WEAK side to avail more binary matching by using Power of2 formula 34. Make two sales and see how this multiplies your Income Add 2 or help your team to add 2Number ofTotal Pairs 8190/2 =4095 PairsMonthskO0OlOU'1-l>UJI)' l)7.: llllillllllPower of TwoTotal24816 32 64 128 256 512 1024 2048 40968190AvgProduct SoldX.1X3 orV 100200 4005000Binary Income from 1 Pair$10 $20 $40$500Total Binary Income from 4095 Pairs$40950$81900 $163800$2047500 35. Team PlacementGrow your Team Earn MoreRight Team (I!Q '! !E! !.". !!Time and Money!Waits for none! Take Action!Now! aim 36. Team Placement Left Team Grow your Team Right Team Earn MoreLlZs grows her team to 300 and SHE made 500 sales this year! You will be missing those sales and the commissions 37. TIME TO START NOWLife is waiting E to give you an another chanceto grab the success T 38. I ', 'I I: 'I=O fr:"131! 9)? -r: .O I:"I;4'| l flu! -]O| i' VidcommxGLOBAL BETA LAUNCH LEARNl_AUllCl-l| llG SOON TO EARN i,1.._ I , T _T 4'7: ll.51.7:._ (10101! Li_I: T:b y i . . Jt TI 1' L.T:r, -, 0' T l I 0 C x All W m_ ml l I,'0 A4TIMETO MOVE