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CuraDebt has been successful enough to be able to set up a free affiliate program to enable other people to make money online. Who would've thought that it is possible to make money online legitimately for free? With all the get rich quick schemes contaminating the internet, it's easy to feel skeptical. To be upfront, this company has been rewarded by a long list of prestigious companies that only reward legitimate businesses. Want to learn more? Take a look at my presentation. You will not be disappointed.


  • How to make money with Curadebt By: Jasmin Grady
  • Introduction Hello everyone. My name is Jasmin and I m an affiliate for Curadebt. My goal is to help you change your financial situation. Its one thing to get out of debt, but its a different thing to create more cash flow. Thats how you stay out of debt along with budgeting right. In this presentation, Im going to cover every step that enables you to make money with Curadebt.
  • Now, I will discuss the ins and outs of setting up your own website.
  • Setting up your own website The best blogging platform for newbies on a budget is Blogger. If you can afford to pay up to $30/month for website fees, I would suggest checking out The BlogPress. You dont really need a website to make money with CuraDebt, but getting one is highly recommended. You have to make sure you have strong SEO to make your website as search engine friendly as possible. If people cant find your site on the first page and at least in the fourth place on Google, Yahoo, and Bing, your chances of making money online are slim to none.
  • Take a look at my blog rankings My blog ranks at #3 on the first page of the Google search engines for the keywords make money with CuraDebt.
  • Take a look at my blog and Google Plus page rankings My Google Plus page ranks at #2 and the blog ranks at #4 for the keyword CuraDebt on the first page.
  • Writing informative and persuasive content As a CuraDebt affiliate, your job is to inform the people about every program the company offers. You also have to use persuasive language to convince your visitors to choose your services over your competitors. Make sure to have enough keywords that relate to your topic to rank high in the search engines. You have to use catchy titles and quotes in your posts to grab and keep your readers attention. If youre writing a long article about how to make your first set of $800 with CuraDebt for example, you have to make the titles within the articles bold and big.
  • Use the grammar and spell checker This is extremely important. Nobody wants to find a website with posts filled with typos and other grammatical mistakes. I personally leave websites like that in a matter of seconds out of disgust for the authors lack of professionalism. That screams just that. That is why you have to use the grammar and spell checker. Its there for a reason. Neglecting to take this step is killer for your finances and you might feel obligated to get a regular job.
  • Choose a simple design for the website There is nothing more annoying than looking at a business website that has a design filled with colors that hurt the eyes! Instead, use a simple design that has plain colors like baby blue and white or dimmer shades of orange and yellow. Super bright colors scream lack of professionalism and will hinder your chances of making decent money on your website. Visitors like to see colors in a design that are easy on the eyes. Remember that.
  • Promote, promote, promote!!! You cant depend solely on the search engines to do all the work for you. You have to promote your websites on your own as well. Afterall, you are the website owner. Its your job to spread the word about it. You can post flyers everywhere, use social media, word of mouth, pay per click, social bookmarking, and radio advertising to name a few. If youre on a tight budget, I would recommend using every method I mentioned except pay per click and radio advertising.
  • Looking back I covered the following steps to setting up your own website. You have to write persuasive and informative content to motivate your visitors to take action. Use the grammar and spell checker. Choose a design thats simple, slightly edgy, and professional.
  • How do you feel about this program? A) Im interested, but want to learn more about the affiliate program. B) Im ready to join CuraDebts 100% FREE affiliate program!
  • Get in touch with Jasmin Regardless of your answer, you can still contact me with no hesitation. Heres my contact information: Mobile Number: (702) 741-9817 Email address: Web Address: http: //makemoneyandgetoutofdebtwithcuradebt.
  • What if you just want to call CuraDebt directly on your phone? Thats fine. The toll free numbers for tax debt relief and debt settlement are listed below: Debt Settlement Department: 877-935-6172 Tax Debt Relief Department: 866-972-7151
  • Thank you for viewing my presentation!