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<ul><li> 1. Make Your Business More Efficient - Productivity StrategiesThat WorkYou can accomplish so much more with your business if you are productive. It is importantthat you become cognizant of how you use your time to be more productive overall.Sometimes it means acquiring new tools or hiring more help. By organizing your schedule, oreven your work area, you can become more productive quickly. To operate in a moreproductive manner, utilize the following tips and strategies to help you become moreproductive. Lets begin.Productivity starts at the top, with a clear directive of business priorities. Dont deceiveyourself into believing that all work is equal. Work on tasks that are due soon before anythingelse. It therefore follows that you should do the most important and difficult things early in theday. Dont let yourself be pulled into the mind games that leave procrastinating and stressedout. The sooner you start working on it, the sooner it will be finished. You should set out thefollowing work days priorities at the end of each work day. There is really only one way to getthe greatest ROI from anything, and that is through intelligent testing. That is most crucialwhen trying new techniques much like what you are reading today about executive coaching. Well, one thing that is good news is if you have just arrived to internet marketing you canlearn more about testing and have a leg up on many competitors.But you see, when you have a set of circumstances such as failing to do adequate research,or not testing along with impatience, then you can easily see how volatile that is for thestruggling web marketer. Therefore what you should consider is carefully rolling-out anythingnew you want to try. If it is related to email marketing, then you take a small percentage ofyour list and perform a simple test.Your sites will obviously have a number of pages on them, and large sites are very good fortesting new methods because you can do it out of view of most of your audience. Nodiscussion about testing would be complete without mentioning how critical tracking is so youcan have metrics to analyze. The higher up the chain of command you are, the more libertyand responsibility you have for how you plan your work day. There are situations where youmay not feel this is true. Business is about service, so certain demands will be made on yourtime by customers. Even so you have a great deal of scheduling flexibility. Your mostproductive work hours may be vastly different than someone elses. You have to take intoaccount what your best work hours are. You need to think about when you work best as youfill out your schedules. That way youre working in harmony with your own body andpersonality and not against it.Your business needs your constant attention, but you also need to take care of yourself if it isto succeed. Leading a balanced and healthy lifestyle is absolutely imperative. Alwaysremember your family, and your friends, when doing your business. Always take your care ofyour body too. </li> <li> 2. This means eating a healthy diet and getting enough sleep. Even though it does not seemthat important, it plays a large role in regard to your productivity. Your head will be muchmore clear if you are happy and healthy. Not only will you longer, but you will enjoy yourprofits much more greatly.Creativity and open mindedness are ingredients to boosting productivity. You have to beready to change some of your habits. Any kind of change is never easy or comfortable atfirst, but it wont be long until youre enjoying the rewards. You cant expect yourself to beproductive constantly. After all, youre human, not a machine. But if implement the tips in thisarticle, youll be able to get more done quickly.Yes, if you are thinking there has to be more to than we have talked about, then you wouldbe totally correct. You never want to find your self in a situation with your business thatcauses you to have a narrow view of the marketing world. There are so many factorsinvolved with online business and marketing that hybrid approaches or methods are createdevery single day by somebody. If you are not sure or feel you do not know enough to make acall, then you can just do more research and learning or ask people at a forum. Anymorethere is no excuse for not ever having the requisite information needed about any IM topic.After you feel you have enough info to try it out, then you know what needs to be done. Wethink you should feel good about the prospect to do something that will serve your businesswell and only make it stronger. </li> </ul>