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Many ecommerce websites have emerged and online shoppers have got numerous platform to shop for their desired things.

Consumers look for an excellent user experience and clear information during their purchasing process.

If they did not get a good user experience then they will not prefer to come back.

In this situation, it is essential for the ecommerce website to make it more user friendly and appealing to the customers.

To make your ecommerce website user friendly first know about the preference of the customers by getting the information from them.

Make your brand unique mainly logo and brand color so that you can get recognition for your business from the customers and stand out of the crowd.

You need to make your ecommerce website preferable to the users in order to obtain profit in your business.

Showcase the latest and most selling products attractively to gain the attention of the online shoppers and reduce their searching time.

Display latest news about your brand in your ecommerce site itself which will enable to reinforce confidence of your customers on your brand.

You can build brand loyalty by offering free deals, free shipping and discounts.

Ensure that registration process of your ecommerce site is easy for the users.

Make your ecommerce website responsive and fast by reducing its loading time.

Provide a good search option which will enable the customers to find the thing that they need.

Make the checkout process easy and accessible by providing necessary details earlier.

Add social media links in every product page as people prefer to share their products with others.Segregate the products by categories & sub categories and give a clear product description.

For making it easier for the customers to get in touch you, include contact information and customer service details in your ecommerce website.

Add site map or site locator as it shows your location exactly.

Enable live chat option to make it easy for customers to clear their queries instantly.

Assure that payment methods of your ecommerce site is safe and secure.

Adding review section is important as it gives confidence for the customers.

The main thing you have to keep in mind is that you have to think from user end.

You may also ask suggestions and feedbacks regarding the same.

Make your ecommerce website user friendly, attract more shoppers and gain huge revenue.

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