Make your social media imagery look great.

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<ol><li> 1. MAKE SOCIAL MEDIA IMAGERY LOOK GREAT </li><li> 2. IMAGES ARE VITAL COMPONENT OF THE WEB AND ARE USED IN DIFFERENT CONTEXT Random branding elements social media platforms as cover shots or profile pictures or wall paper POSTs social media platforms (Facebook timeline, pinterest, Googleplus etc.) </li><li> 3. KNOW HOW TO MANIPULATE IMAGES Such as: How to compress file size How to change orientation of the image How to crop in specific width or height How to over length text (message, watermark, branding) Etc. </li><li> 4. RECOMMENED ONLINE IMAGE EDITORS PIXLR PICMONKEY credit collage </li><li> 5. PIXLR AND PICMONKEY FREE TO USE Picmonkey have some PREMIUM products </li><li> 6. Free MP3 Podcast reveals how to use social media to sell more stuff. Find out more at </li></ol>