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To make your website, you need Wordpress in the worst way. If you don't have the world's #1 platform, you will NEVER live your online business dreams.


<ul><li><p> In order to make your website, you must first have some sort of idea </p><p>concerning what the theme, url (domain) and keywords. I have been a web </p><p>marketer since the year 2000 and any mistake you think you will make, I </p><p>guarantee I made it also when I first started out! There are essentially three </p><p>groups of people who would search the term that is serving as the title of this </p><p>post. </p><p> Those who have seen some sort of offer, dont know what they want, but </p><p>know they want SOMETHING!! Let me urge caution people and the </p><p>purpose for doing so isnt to dampen your enthusiasm, only point it in a </p><p>direction which wont find you ripped off, frustrated and making no money </p><p>at all. This isnt to say there arent hobbyist among this group also. I </p><p>digress. Jumping out there to quickly will leave you heartaches such as: </p><p>(1) Briefly scrolling through the Ads on your favorite search engine for people who will show you, </p><p>for a price, how to make your website. Folks, I hate to break the news to you but I was once </p><p>a novice as are you but within a few weeks I was throwing up websites and optimizing them all </p><p>by myself. The moral to this story is take a few moments to breath and decide what you want </p><p>and not what some OVERPRICED web designer THINKS YOU WANT! </p><p>This is the Host with Wordpress I USE! </p><p>(2) Whether you are trying to run a real web business or just shooting your mouth of about the </p><p>things you are passionate about, realize that every website has small business potential which, once </p><p>you start getting traffic, can turn into MONEY even if that wasnt your original intent. Every visitor </p><p>to even a small hobby blog is a potential customer even if you never sell anything and run Adsense </p><p>(Google) ads on your website. Dont under estimate your business potential. (3) If you dont take </p><p>yourself seriously, no one else will either! Buy a REAL domain name and not some free blog service </p><p>sub domain. Those are a complete JOKE. Sure, some of them do quiet well, but very few, I mean </p><p>very, very few. Search your top 100 favorite competitive search terms and see how many free blog </p><p>Domain names like show up on Page #1. </p><p> Those who have done the research and THINK they know what they want and will pay to get it! OK, </p><p>unlike the first group, you have done some research and have aggregated enough information to </p><p>make an intelligent decision about the future of your business. However, there may be one thing </p><p>that you forgot, what is your Plan B in case your original idea to generate revenue fails miserably? </p></li><li><p>Not well at all! You dont even need to answer. No matter what those so-called gurus tell you, wen </p><p>buyers are fickle and just because they bought someone elses product and you are selling the same </p><p>thing doesnt mean that they will buy what you have. There are some things that you have to be </p><p>prepared for on your road to success </p><p>(1) Although your website looks great, how does your website visitors view it? Web designers make </p><p>their money because of two things, dazzling potential clients and selling them on a site that POPS but is </p><p>just not functional for your needs. </p><p>(2)The 2nd reason is that the vast majority of the marketing public doesnt know about Blue Host in </p><p>conjunction with WordPress. Oh yeah, once you sign up for Blue Host, you will need a website template, </p><p>FIRE YOUR WEB DESIGNER by searching the term Free WordPress Templates. </p><p> Those who are BUCK WILD and will Make Money because they planned some, but take WILD </p><p>CHANCES that Pay off - These are my favorite kind of web marketer because they are relentless, </p><p>wild and refuse to listen to what everyone else says is possible. The greatest thing about these </p><p>folks is they understand that there is virtually no web service, software, information or other which </p><p>they need that cant be had for FREE. This excludes reliable hosting and domain name(s) of course. </p><p>To the previous two groups, I say mimic this Monster Marketer and carve your way through by </p><p>blazing your own trail. </p><p>I got 4 Websites to #1 Using this Service! </p></li></ul>