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“ Attention web designers: You have 50 milliseconds to make a good first impression! “


  • 1. 1 Attention web designers: You have 50 milliseconds to make a good first impression! See full video at

2. 2 Episode 22: 12 crucial factors into making your website credible See full video at 3. 3 Isnt just for the sake of beauty Beauty makes things look more trustworthy We trust beautiful people more than we do ugly people. Fact. Its built into us humans. Good design - typography, colour, composition, layout, imagery Good design See full video at 4. 4 5. 5 See full video at 6. 6 Dont just have a mobile number - it looks like you are trading out of the back of a lorry. In some industries such as tradesmen - plumber its fine to heavily promote your mobile number, as its understandable you will be out and about but have a landline number too. State your location on a contact form. Google Map backs this up. 4 Clear Contact details See full video at 7. 7 As we talked about last week Social Proof is very important Having numerous as testimonials really helps with trust. Dont only have testimonials however - have backing up photos! PRO TIP: Build in strong objections into your testimonials 4 Testimonials (with photos) See full video at 8. 85 Genuine staff photos (+ office too) Get someone who knows what they are doing with a camera and get some great shots of you and your staff. While you are at it - get a shot of the office and/ or location 9. 9 Language Short paragraphs Check spelling - 3 times over and again - goes without saying but if you content is riddled with typos - does it look trust worthy to you? Few if no long complicated words Not WE but you See Writing for the web video See full video at 10. 10 HttpS As people get more used to the web, they are looking for security signs and https is almost a must when entering details such as credit cards Backing this up and explicitly stating that its a secure page is not a bad idea. 11. 11 Show prices Many of the users will have come onto your site to find out how much a service of product costs. Save yourself a lot of work and give them what they want. It will save you a lot of work with time waster too. Unless you have a special sales technique why wouldn't you show your prices? Give a range of pricing if your service is dynamic / differing. 12. 12 Show off your clients Its unlikely a small business will have worked with globally recognised brands but as your business grows its more than likely you will have recognised local companies as clients - show them Not only show them off but make a count of them Trusted by 175 companies worldwide - make even alone help make that sale. See for full featured video 13. 13 Recent and updated content If your the site in question has content dating back from 2009 as the latest entry what is your immediate thought? Something like are these guys still in business? AVOID If you dont have a blog, content can be fresh with a Twitter feed - think of it as your mini CMS. Update it at a absolute minimum of weekly, posting your local sports team results or news is reasonable start. See full video at 14. 14 Seen elsewhere If you have ads on multiple other sites and mediums it really helps build trust and authority in your marketplace. Whilst this other advertising may not bring in a positive ROI it can certainly lead to trust in a round about way. If you have been featured in a popular well known publication, naturally mention this. As seen on TV - hell yes - publicize that! Hard to track this - but ask people why they bought from you... If they had heard about you other than your website. See full video at 15. 15 Website speed Your website loading speed is very important Doubts will creep into your customers mind if its slow loading. If its really slow then people may never even see you at all - ever. See other 2 videos and podcast with Tim Kadlec about site speed and performance. Luckily there are easy things you can do to greatly increase loading times. See full video at 16. 16 Google presence As Google is seen as such a powerhouse now, its important you are easily found and seen heavily on there. Google reviews help - also use these on your website Make sure you show in local and map search. You want multiple listings when someone searches for you. See full video at 17. 17 Summary Good and great design Clear contact details Testimonials Staff photos Good language and structure Https Show prices Show off clients Recently updated content Seen elsewhere Site performance Strong Google presence See full video at 18. 18 Good design is about good choices Dont overload pages with all these elements See full video at 19. 19