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A workshop as part of series of online workshops, stemmed from an LSTA grant to educate librarians and library school students on makerspaces, especially in academic libraries. September 17 2014


  • 1. Makers,making &makerspacesand our LSTA grant!Image by: Juhan Sonin

2. How many of you have ever made something? 3. How many of you have made something? 4. POLL: What is a makerspace?Photo: Katie Day 5. The Makerspace Playbook describes the overall goals and concept of makerspace:... expect to build your Makerspace users' literacy in design, science, technology,engineering, art, and math. . . .Makerspaces share some aspects of the shop class,home economics class, the art studio and sciencelab. In effect, a Makerspace is a physical mashup ofthese different places that allows projects tointegrate these different kinds of skills. 6. Everyone is a MAKERAccording the Makerspace Playbook: Makerspaces serve as gathering pointswhere communities of new and experienced makers connect to work on realand personally meaningful projects, informed by helpful mentors and expertise,using new technologies and traditional tools.According to the Deloitte Center for the Edge The maker movement is animportant manifestation of theeconomic landscape to come.Photo: NASA / Bill Ingals 7. aspects of making... constructionist learning (Seymour Papert) - learningthrough the act of construction tinkering experimenting and failing collaboration and cross pollination open exchange of ideas personal fabricationphotos: Scott Beale 8. Who we are...Brown Biggers - Main PIBeth Filar Williams - Co PIMichelle Folkman - CoordinatorCorrine Luthy - LIS Practicum Student 9. What we are doing...Bringing Maker education to the Library and Information Studies Departmentand the UNCG community through - Workshops Maker Visits - Wilmington, Oct. 25Asheville, Nov. 8 AcadeMAKE Conference - Feb. 20, 2015Information can be found on our Make page: 10. Fall Workshops3D Design and Printing - Sept. 24 & Oct 1Circuits - Oct.15, 29 & Nov 12 11. - Make - Free 3D models - download and - Learn to make all kinds of - More technical projectsInformation can be found on our Make page at 12. Questions? Next workshop3D Design Basics - Sept. 24 at 12:00 pm 13. ReferencesHlubinka, M, et al.(2012). Makerspace playbook. RetrievedFebruary 13, 2014 from, J., Kulasooriya, D., & Seely Brown, J. (2014). AMovement in the Making. Retrieved August 12, 2014, from

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