makerspaces: creating an opportunity

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Camilla Elliott Mazenod College, Mulgrave Head of Library/ eLearning Coordinator

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Presentation at Expanded Learning Horizons Conference 17 Aug. Creating the opportunity for student to tinker, explore, make through the school library.


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Camilla ElliottMazenod College, MulgraveHead of Library/ eLearning Coordinator

Makerspaces: Creating an OpportunityThe best way to construct knowledge or understanding is through the construction of something shareable - Papert

www.linkingforlearning.comDefine: MakerspacesA place where people can use tools and materials and can develop creative projects

Can be embedded in an existing organisation or stand alone e.g. Makerfaires

Adaptive can be shaped by educational goals or individuals creative interests

Making @ MazenodOrigin &


www.linkingforlearning.comSlide Title

www.linkingforlearning.comHorizon Report QuestionsWhat technologies that have a solid user base in consumer, entertainment industries should schools be actively looking for ways to apply?

What are the key emerging technologies you see developing to the point that schools should begin to take notice during the next 4 to 5 years?

www.linkingforlearning.comMore than a brandCollaborative learning environments where people come together to share materials and learn new skillsNot necessarily born out of a specific set of materials but rather a community mindset of partnership, collaboration and creation Students create content and consume it in an incubator environmentSource:

www.linkingforlearning.comExamplesGaming Minecraft* Kerbal Space Program*Coding*, Augmented Reality*3D Printing, Electronic Publishing, Digital Book TrailersRoboticsArduino, Makey Makey, Electronics Lego*, Model Making

Makingwww.linkingforlearning.comMakespace activities @ Mazenod

Augmented RealityLego MastersiSupport Team

Horizon Report -

www.linkingforlearning.comWhy the Library?Library as Third Space -character is determined by its regular clientele is marked by a playful moodcontrasts with more serious involvement in other spheres.Library as Learning Commons - student controls the learningiSupport Team leadership

www.linkingforlearning.comiSupport Team Tech LeadersAll year levelsCommon interestMeet regularlyTech supportTech trialling

I believe that school is primarily a social institution I believe that education, therefore, is a process of living and not a preparation for living - John Dewey

www.linkingforlearning.comBenefitsSource: play and explorationSupports opportunities for learningNurtures peer to peer learningMembers work as true partnersDevelops a culture of creatingApply to the classroom


Coding, coding, coding

www.linkingforlearning.comEssential IngredientsSource: choiceSupported not directedAcknowledgement

www.linkingforlearning.comThank youSource: ElliottHead of Library / eLearning CoordinatorMazenod College, Mulgrave

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