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Fred Forward 2014, Pittsburgh PA


  • 1.Cen Campbell Childrens Librarian,

2. Promising practices for the use of new media with children 0-5 & their families 3. Making things... . isnt new for us. 4. Neither is incorporating new kinds of media 5. Consumption/Creation 6. Consumer Adopter Adaptor Creator 7. Media Mentors The library is the place where ideas are had, not just warehoused 8. Modeling Joint Media Engagement 9. Telling Transliteracy Tales 10. Paper Circuitry: Mountain View Hackerlings 11. STE(A)M in the Library from Preschool Shadow Science by Amy Koester http://www.alsc.ala. org/blog/2014/02/preschool- shadow-science/ 12. Young Children, New Media & Libraries @littleelit