making a better ask for legacy gifts

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Claire Routley of Legacy Fundraising at the Wales Third Sector Funding Conference 2014.


  • 1. Making a better askfor legacy gifts

2. Who leaves legacies? 3. Why would someone leave a legacy? 4. What motivations did you notice? 5. What does this mean forthe legacy ask? 6. Legacy languageLifetime giving Bequest givingAbstract v concrete 15 buys a session ofphysiotherapyPhysiotherapy improves quality oflifeSuperordinate vsubordinateOur 15 trained drugscounsellors provide 300sessions a weekGetting clean transforms the livesof addicts, the people who lovethem, and their local communitiesDe-contextualised vcontextualisedEvery year we care for 3500patients in their own homesEveryone should be able to die inthe place they choosePromotion ofprimary values- As a caring person, you wouldwant these service to continueStructured vunstructuredHelp little Mtembe get thefood he needs todayOver the next 15 years, we plan towork with farmers to set upirrigation systems, completelyeliminating famine in the region by2030Sargeant and Shang 2009 7. Integrating legacies into your role 8. 7 steps to legacy heaven 9. Thank you!Questions? 494 621

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