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Making Better Mistakes Tomorrow Danielle Jabin May 22, 2015

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1. Making Better Mistakes Tomorrow Danielle Jabin May 22, 2015 2. Dont make the same mistake twice. Someone said that once 3. I never make the same mistake twice. 4. In the past week or day even, weve all made mistakes. I definitely have. 5. Mistakes are proof that youre trying. 6. But how can we make better mistakes? 7. Who am I? 8. Hi, Im Danielle. 9. Im from here (California). 10. But now I live here (Sweden). 11. I work at Spotify. 12. Software Engineer Agile Coach 13. What should I talk about? 14. Somethingyoure passionate about! 15. Our biggest difficulties in building software stem from process and communication not the technologyitself. 16. What canyou do today (or rather in 60 min when this is over or on Mondaywhenyoure back at work) to make a difference? 17. Focus 18. Less is the new more! 19. In particular, limiting your Work In Progress (WIP). 20. What happens without WIP limits? Trying to start new tasks instead of tackling impediments/blockers. Requirements can change when the time to complete is longer so work may need to be thrown away or redone. Longer time to complete means longer time to receive feedback and iterate. 21. Whats reallyhappening here? 22. Context switching! 23. Context switching always has a cost. 24. Are some people better at multitasking? 25. Researchers at Stanford wanted to find out 26. It turns out multitaskers are terrible at everyaspect of multitasking. - Clifford Nass 27. Focus: Strategies 28. Scrum Sprints, Sprint Planning, Sprint Review, Retrospective Timebox and limit WIP 29. Scrum Your Life! Personal Kanban Board Personal WIP To Do lists One for the week One for the day Backlog 30. I like To Do lists. 31. TPD Priorities & Achievements 32. This Week in Tech (@ Spotify) 33. Modeling Behavior 34. Innovation is the driving force ofthe tech industry. To boldly go where no man (or woman) has gone before. 35. What is innovation built on? 36. Experimentation! 37. Some experiments work, some dont. 38. Think about where you work. What happens when someone fails? What happens when you dont agree with a coworker? with a manager? with the CEO? How do you act on this? 39. At Spotify, we endeavor to cultivate a failure is okay culture. We dont want to create a culture that incentivizes people to not be forthcoming or daring or brave. - Information gets hidden behind inefficiencies! - We dont want to impede innovation! - Encouragereward, evenopenness and dissent. 40. To foster a desired culture, model the behavioryou want to see. 41. Most human behavior is learned observationallythrough modeling Albert Bandura 42. Bobo doll experiment 43. When people arent afraid to fail, theyre willing to take risks because theyknowthe environment will be supportive ofthem if it doesnt go well. 44. Modeling Behavior: Strategies 45. Fail Wall 46. Spotify values on the office walls 47. Reinforcement and repetition Thats this guy (CTO) 48. Imagine this: itsyour first month on the job, andyouve justvery publiclybroken some firewall settings. 49. What happens next? 50. Others chime in 51. And more 52. And more 53. And even more! 54. Receiving Feedback 55. Ignorance is bliss. 56. right? 57. The people aroundyou have insight intoyour growth areas. Use it! 58. When life gives you lemons 59. Not everyone will have received (or remember) training on howto give good feedback. 60. To grow, we must find thevalue in criticism we receive despite our natural reactive tendencies. 61. Receiving Feedback: Strategies 62. Fist of Five Voting Quick and informal Whats one thing that could be improved for next time? - Specificity is key Press for constructive criticism (not just positive things, though thats nice reinforcement too) 63. Loops at Spotify Want feedback? Ask for it! The more frequently you ask, the less surprises there will be and the less intimidating it becomes. 64. Have you given them that feedback? Again, when you make it part of the culture/day-to-day, it feels less intimidating. 65. Making Better Mistakes Tomorrow: - Focus - Modeling Behavior - Receiving Feedback 66. Questions? 67. ThankYou!