Making connected apps with BaaS (Droidcon Bangalore 2014)

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<ul><li><p>Making connected apps with Backend-as-a-Service</p><p>or how you can use to harness the power of cloud in your applications</p><p>Varun Torka Co-Founder, HereNow</p></li><li><p>Computing then and now</p><p>Devices are now always with you, always connected</p></li><li><p>Computing then and now</p><p>Smaller, but much more powerful thanks to the cloud</p></li><li><p>The Cloud</p><p> Always available </p><p> ~Infinite compute </p><p> ~Infinite storage</p><p>Users expect all their data (and friends) instantly</p></li><li><p>Building a cloud backend Auto-Scaling </p><p> Server maintenance </p><p> Failure recovery </p><p> Upgradation</p><p> Regular backups </p><p> Consistency </p><p> CDN </p><p> Upfront infrastructure expenses</p><p>As an App Developer, I dont want to deal with all this</p></li><li><p>Enter ?aaS</p><p>IaaS</p><p>PaaS</p><p>SaaSEnd Users</p><p>Application Developers</p><p>Network Architects</p><p>Why buy, when you can rent?</p></li><li><p>Enter ?aaS</p><p>IaaS</p><p>PaaS</p><p>SaaSEnd Users</p><p>Application Developers</p><p>Network Architects</p><p>PaaS provides APIs for us to use cloud resources directly </p></li><li><p> Acquired by Facebook in April, 2013 Free till 30 requests/second Libraries for Android, iOS, OSX, JavaScript, PHP </p><p>and .NET Also supports REST interface</p></li><li><p>Typical actions Login (native, facebook, twitter) </p><p> Upload/Download a file from server </p><p> Create database tables </p><p> Add rows to the table </p><p> Query db table for particular sets of data </p><p> Cache server data locally</p></li><li><p>Login</p><p>Its that simple!</p></li><li><p>Table session on Parse serversobjectId Order speakerName categoryasdaf42 13 thevarun crisptalk</p><p>Saving an object / adding a row</p><p>Retrieving a set of objects / filtering rows</p><p>Table query</p></li><li><p>File transferSaving</p><p>Retrieving</p><p>Table session on Parse serversobjectId Order speakerName category soundfile</p><p>asdaf42 13 Varun T crisptalk</p><p>dka22mp crisptalk talk_on_parse.mp3</p></li><li><p></p><p>Demo</p></li></ul>