making the same mistakes twice. martin belam. ux sofia

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A confession.


Making the same mistakes twice. Martin Belam. UX Sofia. About me. A confession. My worst ever launch. Solution: Always test with at least one person from outside of your project team. Over-engineering. Solution: Write out over-engineered systems as user stories and see how silly they sound. Forget the UX of the tools. Solution: Treat content production staff like end users, with important needs and goals. Forget to measure. Solution: Make your own metrics dashboard. Print it out. Stick it on the wall in the office. Pre-determined outcomes. Solution: Find another place to devote your energy. Pre-determined outcomes. Solution: Or quit your job. Forgetting mobile. Solution: Develop on mobile. Make mobile part of your UAT. Delaying building. Solution: Prototype. On paper. In code. With Lego. Whatever. Project burn-out. Confession: I have just done this again. Project burn-out. Solution: Look out for colleagues. Learn your own signs of burn-out. The perfect project? Designed in code. Recruited team, built & launched in 5 weeks. Hit traffic target in 10 days. Already done one design iteration. Thank