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This contains knowledge on how to convince you audience.


  • 1. ConvinceWe were sitting around a luncheontable in Chicago. We knew this man wasreputed to be a powerful speaker. Wewatched him intently as he stood up tospeak.He began quietly-a spruce, pleasantman of middle age---thanking us for invitinghim. He wanted to talk about somethingserious, he said, and he hoped we would

2. forgive him if he disturbed us.Then, like a whirlwind, he struck. Heleaned forward and his eyes transfixed us.He didnt raise his voice, but it seemed tome that it crashed like a gong.Look around you, he said. Look atone another. Do you know how many of yousitting now in this room are going to die ofcancer? One in four of all of you who areover forty five. One in four!He paused, and his face are lightened. 3. Thats a plain, harsh fact, but it neednt notfor long, he said, Something can be doneabout it. This something is progress in thetreatment of cancer and in the search for itscause.He looked at us gravely, his gazemoving around the table. Do you want tohelp toward this progress? he asked.Could there have been answer exceptYes!in the minds of any of us then? Yes! I thought, and I found later that so did 4. the others.In less than a minute, MauriceGlodblatt had won us. He had drawn uspersonally into his subject. He had us on hisside, in the campaign he was waging for ahumanitarian cause. 5. Sincerity, earnestness, enthusiasm,--- a blazing determination to give himselffor a few minutes, just as he was givinghimself year in and out to great cause----allof these factors swept into a feeling ofagreement with the speaker, a friendlinessfor him, a willingness to be interested andmove. 6. Win Confidence By Deserving ItAccording to PierpontMorgan, Character wasthe best way to obtaincredit; it is also the best wayto win the confidence of theaudience. 7. Win Confidence By Deserving ItIt is necessary toset forth our own ideaswith the inner glow thatcomes from sincereconviction.We must first be convincedbefore we attempt to convinceothers. 8. Get a Yes-ResponseAccording toWalter Dill Scott, everyidea, concept, or conclusionwhich enters the mind isheld as true unlesshindered by somecontradictory idea. Thatboils down to keeping theaudience yes-minded. 9. Get a Yes-ResponseThe skillful speakergets at the outset a numberof yes-responses.sGet a student to sayNo at the beginning, or acustomer, child, husband, orwife, and it takes a wisdomand patience to transform itinto Yes. 10. Get a Yes-ResponseHow is one going to getthese desirable yes-responsesat the very outset?sAccording to PrimeMinister Lincoln, My way ofopening and winning anargument is to first find acommon ground of agreement. 11. Get a Yes-ResponseIn everycontroversy, no matterhow wide and bitter thedifferences, there sisalways some commonground of agreement onwhich a speaker caninvite everyone to meet. 12. Speak with ContagiousEnthusiasmContradicting ideas are much lesslikely to arise in the listeners mind whenthe speaker presents his ideas with feelingand contagious enthusiasm.When you aim to convince,remember that it is more productive to stiremotions than to arise thoughts. Feelingsare powerful than cold ideas. 13. Speak with Contagious EnthusiasmRegardless of the pettyphrases a man may concoct,regardless of the illustration hemay assemble, regardless ofthe harmony of his voice andthe grace of his gestures, if hedoes not speak sincerely, theseare hollow and glitteringtrappings. 14. Speak with Contagious EnthusiasmIf you impressedan audience, beimpressedyourself. 15. Speak with Contagious EnthusiasmYour spirit shiningthrough your eyes,radiating to your voice,and proclaiming itselfthrough your manner, willcommunicate itself to youraudience. 16. Show Respect and Affectionfor your AudienceThe humanpersonality demands loveand it also demandsrespect, Dr. NormanVincent Peale said. Everyhuman being has an innersense of worth, ofimportance, of dignity. 17. Show Respect and Affection for yourAudienceWound that and youhave lost that personforever. So when you loveand respect a person youbuild him up and,accordingly, he loves andesteems you. 18. Begin in a Friendly WaySince pride is such afundamentally explosivecharacteristic of humannature, wouldnt it be thepart of wisdom to get amans pride working for us,instead of against us? 19. Begin in a Friendly WayHow? 20. Begin in a Friendly WayBy showing that thething we propose is verysimilar to something that ouropponent already believes.That renders it easier forhim to accept than to reject yourproposal. 21. Begin in a Friendly WayThat preventscontradictory andopposing ideas fromarising in the mind tovitiate what we have said.