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  • The Internet is Scaryby: Joshua SwiftWhat kind of risks are there?How to detect problem programsPrevent problems before they happen

  • STOP!

  • Top 5 ExcusesI don't have anything valuable on my computer anywayRunning a firewall slows down my computer or video gamesThe programs are too complicatedI am broke and programs are expensiveI have never used security programs and have never been infected

  • Risk by Country (2010)

  • Types of MalwareVirusSelf-replicatingGeneral term for malwareWormSelf-contained virusWorks in conjunction with other virusesTrojanDisguised at legitimate software

  • Spy vs. Spy

  • SpywareSecretly monitors anything and everything you doEstimated 90% of computers infectedBundled with legitimate softwareKeyloggers, Screenloggers, RootkitsTracking cookies (i.e. EverCookie)

  • Ads run amok

  • AdwarePop-up advertisementsHijacks web browser homepageSends spam using your emailSlows down computer or makes it unusableUsually just annoying, but may be bundled with other viruses

  • Fake Alerts

  • ScarewareOtherwise known as RansomwareMeant to shock and threaten users, causing anxiety or panicHolds computer hostage, demanding extortion for restorationThreat is usually fictional and fix is virus itselfTypically behave like legitimate anti-virus or firewall program

  • Security Programs

  • Detection & ResponseAnti-VirusAnti-SpywareScans computer and cleans infectionsFirewallsPrevents attackers from in-bound and/or out-bound communicationAlerts users of suspicious internet activity

  • Free ProgramsAnti-VirusAVG Free EditionAvast!KasperskyTrend Micro HouseCallPanda ActiveScanMicrosoft Security Essentials

  • Free Programs (cont.)Anti-SpywareSpybot Search & DestroyMalwarebytesSUPERAntiSpywareAd-AwareSpyware Doctor

  • Free Programs (cont.)FirewallZoneAlarmComodoOutpostOnlineArmorPrivateFirewallWindows Firewall

  • PreventionIt's obvious: better to prevent viruses than fix them.Why? The going rate for clean-up is $150Safe browsing practicesKnow what to avoidDisable vulnerable plugins or applicationsUpdate! Update! Update!

  • Web Browsers

  • Safe BrowsingDo not open e-mails or attachments from users you do not knowNever open .exe, .pif or .bat files unless you specifically know the files are cleanDo not click spam, pop-ups, or ads in generalSome pop-ups may look like windows saying your computer is unsafe

  • Windows Update (XP)

  • Windows Update (7)

  • Safe Browsing (cont.)Do not visit ethically questionable sitesWAREZ, CRACKZ, SERIALZ & PORNDownload from trusted sites onlyReligiously update your web browser, browser plugins, virus definitions and operating systemDisable Cookies, JavaScript, Flash & ActiveX (use plugins like NoScript & Adblock)

  • Password Re-use

  • Computer Insecurity(final thoughts)Security is lacking in general, so don't be embarrassed if you get hackedWhen there is a will, there is a way. All security software does is place speed-bumps before determined hackersSecurity by obscurity is not security!A little knowledge can go a long way for your sanity and wallet