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  • Managerial Service Research Managerial Foundations and Research Topics Mary Jo Bitner, ASU Crafting and Executing Successful Research Partnerships Stephen W. Brown, ASU The Practice of Management Research Mark Gabbott, Monash University
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  • Managerial Foundations and Topics for Service Research AMA SERVSIG Doctoral Consortium Frontiers in Services Conference October 4, 2007 Mary Jo Bitner W. P. Carey School of Business
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  • Early Service Research Growth of service sector Complexities of managing services Strong pockets of global interest Establishment of journals, conferences
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  • Today: Emerging Interest IBMs Catalytic Role Mushrooming of conferences, workshops, publications Cross-disciplinary including engineering, computer science, business, social sciences
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  • Communications of the ACM July 2006
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  • An Historical Perspective Journal of Retailing, Spring 1993 Building a New Academic FieldThe Case of Services Marketing by Berry and Parasuraman Tracking the Evolution of the Services Marketing Literature, by Fisk, Brown and Bitner Services Marketing Self-Portraits, 2000 Introspections, Reflections, and Glimpses from the Experts, by Fisk, Grove, and John, American Marketing Association. Journal of Marketing, January 2004 Evolving to a New Dominant Logic for Marketing, by Vargo and Lusch
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  • Characteristics of the research Problem-based Global community from the beginning Method-neutral Partnerships with business
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  • Topics Explored Service marketing customer focus service quality, customer satisfaction and loyalty, service encounters, servicescapes, blueprinting, customer-centric innovation, generating revenue and loyalty through service(s), technology-delivered service, co-production and co-creation of service, self-service technologies Service operations internal system and process focus service operations design, queuing theory, efficient delivery of services, technology- delivered service, yield management Service management employee focus service-profit chain, service orientation, frontline service, service culture and climate, linkage theory, hiring practices for service, service strategy Note: There is intriguing overlap in the research represented by the three disciplinary streams
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  • Dependent Variables What do business service researchers attempt to understand and predict? Service profitability Lifetime value of customers Customer satisfaction and loyalty Service quality, service excellence Employee performance related to service Service brand image Service productivity and efficiency Competitive advantage and differentiation through service Linkages between employee performance, service outcomes, and customer behavior
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  • Why Services Research is Relevant to Business Services frequently provide higher profit margins and new growth opportunities Customer satisfaction and loyalty are driven by service excellence Services can be used as a differentiation strategy in competitive markets
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  • Service Excellence and Customer Goals Getting Satisfying Retaining Enhancing Copyright Mary Jo Bitner
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  • The Service Profit Chain Source: An exhibit from J. L. Heskett, T. O. Jones, W. E. Sasser, Jr., and L. A. Schlesinger, Putting the Service-Profit Chain to Work, Harvard Business Review, March-April 1994, p. 166.
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  • Strategic Services Pyramid (Parasuraman 1996) Company Customer Providers Technology
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  • Growing Demand for Services Knowledge National focus on innovation and growth Services are the engine for growth for companies, organizations and nations Job opportunities for our students Growth in services and knowledge-worker jobs and need for specialized skills Demand for new research and better use of existing knowledge Need to bridge academic and functional silos
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  • PhD Seminar in Service Science Marketing 791 PhD Seminar Service Science: Marketing, Management and Technology Fall 2007 Professor: Mary Jo Bitner Office:BAC 451 Office Hours:By appointment Contact:480-965-1992; Class meeting:Thursdays, 8:30-11:30 AM Overview Service Science draws on strong research foundations in the field of services marketing, management and technology to focus on challenges and opportunities relevant to service innovation and competing through service(s). This emerging trans-disciplinary field is substantively grounded in real, cross-functional issues of business and its theoretical roots lie in the business disciplines, engineering, technology and the social sciences. This is an exciting time to be involved in services science and research. Service research is a relatively young (by academic standards) and very dynamic cross-functional research area, with its deepest roots being in the marketing and management disciplines. While services research struggled for recognition in the 1980s, it has evolved over the last two decades to be a prominent field of its own. Today there is growing attention worldwide to service research including services marketing and management, service engineering, and service innovation. This seminar will provide students with foundational understanding of services research, exposure to current and award-winning publications, and opportunities to learn about new, emerging research areas. Through the seminar, I hope that you will catch the excitement of the field and see opportunities for your own development as a researcher.
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  • PhD Seminar 2007 Topics Aug 23Course Introduction/Overview Aug 30Services Marketing History/Topics/Trends Sept 6Service Encounters and Service Quality Sept 13Service Science/Service Innovation Guest Faculty: Stefan Michel Sept 20Customers as Co-Producers/Co-Creators of Services Sept 25B2B Services/IT Services - Manufacturers and Service Guest Faculty: Michael Goul Oct 2Service Design and Servicescapes Oct 11Service Recovery Guest Faculty: Stephen Brown Nov 7-9CSLs Compete Through Service Symposium Nov 15Funding Proposal Presentations Nov 29Employees Roles/Service-Profit Chain Guest Faculty: David Bowen Dec 6Technology and Service, SSTs Guest Faculty: Amy Ostrom Dec 11Final paper presentations
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  • Research Opportunities Build on characteristics of the Services Literature Focus on substantive business issues Cross-functional integration Global contributions Multiple methodologies
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  • Research Opportunities Build on existing research streams add depth and strengthen what we know Service quality Service/customer experiences Technology and service Service recovery Customer satisfaction and loyalty Customer co-production Financial impact of services and service quality
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  • Research Opportunities Chart new directions Non-profit applications of services Synergies with customer experience work B2B services strategy and implementation Service solutions in manufacturing Service supply chains and service outsourcing Service networks Service design Services branding Cross-disciplinary collaboration on services topics Macro issues in services Global challenges and integration
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  • Managerial Foundations and Topics for Service Research AMA SERVSIG Doctoral Consortium Frontiers in Services Conference October 4, 2007 Mary Jo Bitner W. P. Carey School of Business


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