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Learn how to easily manage your agile projects with Eijel. Eijel is an end-to-end software solution for managing agile projects.


  • 1. Managing Agile Projects with Eijel By Dondon Vizcayno, CSM Creator of Eijel

2. Simplest Agile Tool 3. Supports Multiple Projects You can set your active project. 4. Your Scrum Team Each project has its own team. 5. Create Your Sprints You can set the active sprint. 6. View Previous Sprints You can view historical data of Sprints 7. Create Your Product Backlog Has a very nice drag-and-drop reordering. 8. Planning Poker Estimate your user stories online. 9. Team Capacity Calculation How much work can we finish next Sprint? 10. Create Your Sprint Backlog How much work can we finish next Sprint? 11. View Your Burndown Chart 12. Log Your Impediments What stops our developers from doing their work? 13. Log Your Undone Work What can we make better in our work? 14. Document Your Product Create living documents available 24-7. 15. Log Your Defects The best bug tracker in the world. 16. View Your Project Dashboard Gain complete insight in a single glance. 17. Simple But Complete Agile Tool 18. Join Us