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Managing Projects Better

Managing Projects BetterAgile, PRINCE2, Waterfall and FREEFALL!Shoaib Ahmed

AgileAre we agile or is it simply another name for chaos?

The Agile ManifestoIndividuals and interactions over processes and toolsWorking software over comprehensive documentationCustomer collaboration over contract negotiationResponding to change over following a plan

Agile consensusWorks well in teams of 5 to 7There is a minimum and maximum velocity (throughput) requiredResources are constantTimelines are constantScope is NOT constantWhat is started is finished sprint content is not changed in flight, resources are not re-assigned to other tasks

Is this us?

ReflectionIdeal for product teamsIdeal for in-house development teamsNOT suitable for fixed price delivery on fixed scope

PRINCE2Monitor and Control to given tolerances scope, cost, timeline, risks, quality, benefits

Pros & ConsDoes not prescribe a methodology for specialist products i.e. developmentGood nothing stopping us Agile practicesBad Higher PM effort is it bad?In PRINCE2 project were really playing a team role is it worth the effor + $

WaterfallDo we really want to go back to bad old days?

Pros & ConsLong pre-salesCan be mitigated somewhat by structuring Requirements then deliveryMilestone based paymentCan be mitigated somewhat by % billing to milestoneDeath by Change ReuqestsIs this not what were doing in Agile?Change in scope has consequence in scope and cost

How do we prevent FREEFALL!How do we truly remain Agile?

Do we have to pick a methodology?NoWhat do we do then?Pick the best of all as it applies to our situationDoes that not leave us to chaos then?NoWe must apply uniform reporting mechanismWe must review project health as a practice

What do we report?Earned ValueHow much did we plan to complete by now?How much have we completed?Difference is schedule slippage or advanceHow much time did we plan to spend by now?How much time have we spent?Difference is cost slippage or advance

What do we measureMore achieved than planned is not necessarily all rosyWe may have spent more than planned to achieve thatMore time spent than planned is not necessarily badWe may have achieved more for that time

Are PMs forever going to be number crunching?PMs #1 job planPMs #2 job monitor and controlSo why should we be afraid of that?

Are Management forever going to read reports?NoUse dashboardsIf health is good, nothing needs doingIf ailing, then management applies appropriate remedy - early

Will this ensure all projects succeed?Not necessarilyIt will depend at how good we are at monitoring and controllingThis method succeeded in IRISa project that was potentially going to be the biggest loss leader of all timewe brought it in time and within budget